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curb appeal ideas, best curb appeal ideas, easy curb appeal ideas, front door curb appeal ideas

best curb appeal ideas

If you are thinking about selling your house, exterior paint will do wonders for your curb appeal. Curb appeal is about maintaining your home’s attractiveness. This includes landscaping, painting your front door, the condition of your exterior paint and many more factors. First impressions last, especially for your home! There are various curb appeal ideas that will get your house the attention it deserves, especially if you’re thinking about selling.

Painting your Front Door

A new exterior paint colour can instantly add curb appeal, especially on your front door! It is cost-effective and fairly easy to complete by yourself or with the help of exterior house painters. Also, your front door is the most vital feature of your home’s exterior. It is the main focal point and the first people see before entering your house. So, the colour of your siding or bricks should complement your front door colour. It might not seem important right now, but down the road when you are planning to sell your house, this information will be handy.

curb appeal ideas, best curb appeal ideas, easy curb appeal ideas, front door curb appeal ideas

Front Door Colour Choices

curb appeal ideas, best curb appeal ideas, easy curb appeal ideas, front door curb appeal ideas
  • • Non-traditional choices, such as turquoise, can spice up your home’s exterior features. Even though these are “out of the box” colour choices, the things people wouldn’t do can be a blessing in disguise for you.
  • • Teal has always been a popular choice for interior and exterior painting. If you are tired of typical black or taupe front doors, teal is your next best choice. A sophisticated look and one that will boost your curb appeal ideas.
  • • You can’t go wrong with having a red front door. This will also boost your curb appeal. In addition, it is a vibrant choice and is a great option when surrounded by stucco or brick features.
  • • If the exterior of your house has red bricks, a dark front door is exactly what you need. Gray, black, or even a dark green would complement your red brick exterior the best.
  • • Last, but certainly not least, a brown front door is a vintage choice. Especially when surrounded by decorative details and a white wood exterior. Although it is an historic front door colour, sometimes a vintage look works just fine.

Curb Appeal Ideas

curb appeal ideas, best curb appeal ideas, easy curb appeal ideas, front door curb appeal ideas

Exterior paint colours for curb appeal are something you should look for first. You may want to go for a more neutral look because more often than not, these colours will attract more people. A neutral colour is still trendy, like taupe. A colour like this is warm and inviting, but also very clean and fresh. It does a lot without doing too much. If that makes any sense. If you want your home to look more modern, gray is a nice curb appeal colour. It is sophisticated and when surrounded by white windows, it will be even more eye-catching.

Lastly, for a more classic look, white is the most timeless colour. You can never really go wrong with white. You can surround any details around white as the main colour. White is a great choice for when you’re stuck and don’t know what to paint your exterior.

Quality Painting Tools

curb appeal ideas, best curb appeal ideas, easy curb appeal ideas, front door curb appeal ideas

If you decide not to use painting services help, in order to get professional results, you will need to purchase quality tools. This includes a 2 1/2 inch sash brush to paint the door and its trim. You can use a paint roller as well, but purchase one with microfiber roller sleeves, that way it can hold much more paint and the surface will be smooth.

Also, you should purchase the usual materials you use for every day painting projects:

• putty knife,

• painter’s tape,

• drop cloths,

• paint trays,

and many more. Without the proper tools and materials, your painting project could ultimately suffer.

Curb Appeal Ideas

Working on the inside of your home is something every homeowner looks forward to. Whether it’s getting new furniture or painting your walls, renovating can be a lot of fun for families. In addition, owning a home is something that homeowners love to take pride in. While working on the inside of your home is great, it’s the exterior of your home that people notice first. Curb appeal is not necessarily meant for increasing the value of your home, but to make your home more appealing and presentable to the public passing by. You can add fancy items, buy a bench, or put in a fake pond. Regardless of what you do, curb appeal should always be your number 1 priority and there are many curb appeal ideas that will work.

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Whichever direction you choose, these tips on using exterior paint colours to improve your curb appeal will help give you maximum results! But if you are just too overwhelmed with all the colours, let our home painting services take care of everything for you! Call us NOW at 416-494-9095 or email [email protected]

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