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Hogg's Hollow

Home Painters Toronto, is a top contractor providing professional Services in Hogg’s Hollow

Hogg’s Hollow is an affluent Toronto neighborhood spread along the Don River. It is bounded by Yonge Street, York Mills Road, Rosedale Golf Club. The neighborhood takes its name from the Hogg family who were the original owners of the land. Joseph Hogg settled and established one of the most successful grist mills in the area together with a whisky distillery in the 1820s.

The Hogg’s sons later subdivided the land in the 1850s, but there was little development till the 1920s. Since then the neighborhood has grown in phases up to the 1960s and this has seen the establishment of schools, shopping and recreation facilities.

The Don Valley, offers the neighborhood a rustic beauty that is further enhanced by the winding crescents, majestic trees. The natural lush landscape and dale topography add calmness and beauty to the neighborhood.  Homes in the Hogg’s Hollow have been constructed over some time and hence vary in design and sizes. The diverse homes on the beautiful landscape occupy large lots and are among the most expensive in Toronto. These include Tudor, Colonial, and English Cottage, Modernist, Georgian, apartment buildings, townhouses and luxury condominiums.

Home Painters Toronto, one of the top painting contractors in Hogg’s Hollow, understands the maintenance and painting requirements of all the homes in the neighborhood. We have been working with dozens of the residents in the successful beautification and restoration projects on their homes.  We have experienced painting professionals, conversant with all surfaces and house designs. We employ state of the art techniques to provide you with one of the best exterior or interior painting finishes for your home.

Hogg’s Hollow Painting Services we provide for you:

Condo painting

We use a systematic approach and apply our efficient painting methods that deliver high class paint finishes to all areas of your condo home. Right from the inspection phase where we check surfaces on the walls, wood trim and metallic finishes. This identifies the state of the surfaces and helps us pinpoint areas that will need repairs. The interior painting project starts with preparations that involve cleaning, repairing and priming of the surfaces.  Once we get neat, defect free and smooth surfaces, our professional painters will apply the environmentally friendly paint to the ceiling, the walls, wood trims, windows and the doors.

When applying more than one coat, we wait for the first one to dry completely before applying any subsequent one. This is to allow for a strong adhesion that enable us to provide you with a superb and long lasting paint finish.

Home Painters Toronto comprehensive services include commercial structure’s exterior and interior painting, residential exterior painting, renovations, makeovers and much more.

Home Painters Toronto Services

  • Interior and exterior painting
  • residential painting
  • Apartment painting
  • Colonial design house renovations and painting
  • Condo apartment painting
  • Kitchen refurbishment
  • Bathroom restoration
  • Tudor and English cottage house painting
  • Modernist house painting
  • Apartment painting
  • Business space painting
  • Metallic finishes painting
  • trim painting
  • Faux finishes
  • Staining Kitchen cabinets
  • Kitchen remodeling
  • Bathroom renovations
  • Wallpaper installation
  • Carpentry
  • Drywall installation

Home Painters Toronto Area of Action in Hogg’s Hollow:

We offer our superb professional painting to all residents and business people in Hogg’s Hollow, we cover areas along and near the Don River valley, Yonge Street, York Mills Road and Rosedale Golf Club, Wilson Avenue and near York Mills Park.

We give your huge investment the attention and care it deserves. Our track record in delivering first class professional painting services makes us the most sought after painting contractor in Hogg’s Hollow and other Toronto neighborhoods.

Our friendly staff under the direction of the project manager analyses your needs and then do a site survey to come up with an efficient and workable solution. We always keep updating you on the project’s progress right from the beginning up to the end. We then give you time to carry out an inspection and ensure all requirements are met.

Our 25 years experience, coupled with our up to date painting techniques, and products, are some of the assets that enable us to provide you with an excellent finish. Our professional painting services, improves your home’s appearance; make it warm and lovely, as well as increasing its market value.

Whether you intend to have a complete makeover, carry out an interior or exterior painting project for your Hogg’s Hollow home, Home Painters Toronto is ready to assist you.

We have flexible working hours and reachable throughout on email and telephone. Please contact one of our representatives at 416 494 9095 or send an inquiry to Brian@HomePaintersToronto.com.


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