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Refinish or Replace Hardwood Floor

Refinish or Replace Hardwood Floor

Are you considering refinishing or replacing your hardwood floor? Refinishing your wood floor can be a little tedious but offers great results. But when is it time to completely replace your hardwood flooring? Considering time, effort, and appearance when deciding whether to refinish or replace hardwood floors could result in installing new hardwood floor altogether. Read on to understand which method is best for you when considering a change with your hardwood flooring.

Consider What It’s Worth

  • Do you have more than just an aesthetic reason to refinish your hardwood floor? If you have some creaking or warping on your wood floor, you might want to consider more than just refinishing them.
  • How much are you willing to spend? How much is the price for installing hardwood floors? Sometimes with tool rentals and time invested in refinishing your floor it could equal to the same as replacing the floor altogether.

Hardwood Refinishing 

  • Hardwood flooring that  is ¾ inches thick could be refinished 4-6 times in its lifetime which could be 20+ years.
  • Hardwood refinishing gives your floor a new look. Not a new life. If you can fix and fill in any minor gaps or surface scratches then it’s easy to make the floor look good as new, but remember that your boards are still the same age and have now been sanded thinner.
  • Refinishing can be affordable if you have the tools available and the time and effort to complete. It does take awhile.

Replacing Hardwood Floor

  • Replacing your hardwood 2floor can be a good feeling, in with the new and out with the old. It allows all imperfections to be perfected and changed a lot quicker than refinishing hardwood floors.
  • When you replace hardwood floor, you are avoiding all the harsh chemicals used if you chose to refinish.
  • Replacing can be easier and less time consuming since you don’t need to go through as many steps as you would if you refinished the floor.
  • Although an easier alternative in most cases, it can be more expensive than refinishing your floor and also not always as necessary – which means buying more supplies and if you’re into ‘going green’ then this option is not as beneficial for the environment.

Regardless of your decision to either refinish or replace your hardwood floor, you will be maintaining the value of your home. Deciding which method to change up your floor all depends on the necessity of it. If you have more serious damage like water damage throughout, replacement is absolutely necessary. If you have a few minor imperfections, then hardwood refinishing is a better option. But if this is something you can’t decide on your own, why don’t you call Home Painters Toronto and we’ll help you out! Call us NOW at 416-494-9095 or email [email protected]!

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