Brick Staining

Staining Brick or Painting it?

Are you considering staining your brick house? Brick is very unique from other kinds of siding and allows you to customize how you want your exterior to look thanks to its intricate detailing. Some brick homes even have different patterns and shapes that can reflect your personality nicely. Staining a brick home is a lot more work than it sounds, however in this blog, we’ll go over the cost of brick tinting and staining and the products you will need to give you a better idea of what you could spend on this project.

1. Should I Spend The Money Painting or Staining Brick?

Brick painting

If you look at the real estate market you will find that brick homes typically sell for about 6% more than other homes on the market. This is because brick has a good resale value due to its durability and appearance. When you spend the money on painting or staining your brick house you increase that value, and you can rest knowing that you’ll be able to get your money’s worth should you decide to sell your home.

2. Are There A Lot of Colour Options for Brick Staining?

The short answer is yes, but the long answer is that even if you’re just considering brick in its natural state there is a fair amount of variation. Brick is generally made up of natural components like clay and water that are fired or baked in a kiln. Each different type of clay will yield different colour results. If sand and limestone are used then you will end up with different textures and finishes as well.
Brick staining or tinting products come in so many colours they seem practically endless! Finding the right stain colour can be very difficult, but if you’re good at making decisions it may not pose much of a problem.

3. Okay, So How Much Does it cost to stain my?

There Brick painting homeare many, many factors that can affect this though, with the size and location of the project being chief among them. Also consider that if you hire a Toronto painting contractor to paint a single-story home the starting price will be around $1,500. While this may seem steep to those of you who are unused to getting painting done, the money spent on a painting contractor (with reliable references and experience) is sure to result in a job done well the first time, and that you won’t have to worry about doing yourself.

If you are still considering taking on the task there’s more information you should know. Brick staining and tinting products average out to $25-$45/gallon. Brick staining projects are at about $2,500 to $5,000 range but could go as high as $8,000 to $12,000 depending on the size of your house.

Brick staining can start in $40 to $60 per gallon. Say you have a 3,000 sq ft home- it could take 15+ gallons of product which would work out to $600-$1,000 just the materials alone. Now you may have a pressure washer, painting supplies, and other necessary items already, and you ,could even save money by not renting any of these items. Doing without would undoubtedly mean a larger time investment by you, which may be difficult since painting the exterior of a house could take a weekend or more for the less experienced.
Staining your brick house will significantly boost the curb appeal of your property, but it definitely requires extensive planning and preparation. Now that you have a good idea of how much brick staining really costs, you can start to make your decision accordingly.
There are some other factors to consider as staining can be more expensive than painting. Painting also protects the brick surface. Although, there are many colours to choose from for staining, there may still be some restrictions when it comes to colours that do not naturally exist with bare brick. Also, brick stains with water sealant can sometimes cause moisture and water to collect and cause damage to the area. Not to mention there are some surfaces that cannot be stained.
Obviously, there are positive and negatives with everything. Now that you have all of the facts, you can make an informed decision on which route best suites your needs. Therefore, if brick painting is what you’re in the market for, why not save on both time and stress by calling Home Painters Toronto? They know exterior painting backwards and forwards and will take over this project for you without hesitation! Call us NOW at 416 494 9095 or email for your brick staining questions or your free brick painting quote.