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How Much Does It Cost To Paint A 2000 Sq Ft House?

Have you been thinking about doing some interior painting as of late? If you find yourself sitting at home and staring at your four walls and feel completely uninspired, now is the perfect time! The thing that often holds people back though are the costs. As soon as you start to think about fresh interior painting or new furniture and decor, dollar signs instantly flash through your mind. So, if you live in an average size Toronto home, we have all the numbers crunched for you. If you need to find out how much does it cost to paint a 2000 sq ft house, keep reading!

The cost of painting a 2000 square foot house

All of the different cost factors to consider… 

There are many different variables to consider when it comes to the average cost to paint a house, no matter what the size. Here are some crucial points that will affect the cost:

  1. What does the prep work involve? Do your interior walls need a ton of caulking, filling, sanding or even plaster repair done prior to interior painting? That makes a huge difference in time and labour.
  2. Do you have lots of furniture? If there is lots to really empty out furniture-wise prior to beginning your interior painting work, that involves extra time and muscle as well.
  3. Are you going from dark to light? Looking to make a big change in terms of colour? It can actually take several coats of interior house paint to make that change.
  4. How many rooms are you painting and how many different colours? If you’re considering how much does it cost to paint a 2000 sq ft house and you have several rooms and many different colours — that affects the price as well.
  5. What was the quality of the paint used prior? If the painting company you hire needs to go over low quality paint with fresh top rated interior paint, that takes more time and money too.
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How to calculate interior painting cost per square foot 

If you need a little refresher course on how to calculate interior painting cost per square foot, here’s how you can do it. Also, this is how the painting company you hire will break down the interior painting costs as well.

  • First, you get a tape measure and measure the length of the space. The length will always be the longest side of the room. Then measure the shortest side of the room, which is width (both measurements are in feet). Be sure to jot down both the length and width.
  • For how to calculate square footage, you simply need to plug in your length and width measurements into this formula: L x W = __ in square feet.
  • For example, if you’re putting down floor in a room that’s 30 feet long and 15 feet wide, you would simply multiply the two dimensions to get square footage. So, 30 x 15 = 450 square feet.
  • And that’s how you do it!
How to Calculate Square Footage, Length * Width = Square ft.

So, how much does it cost to paint a 2000 sq ft house? 

The average painting cost per square foot usually runs within $2 – $3 for interior house paint.

If you live in Toronto, the average size home is between 1500 – 2000 square feet. So, if you do your calculations correctly, the cost to paint a 2000 sq ft house will be $4,000 – $6,000.

Let’s break it down a bit further as if you choose to hire painting contractors, there are likely extras that will add to the cost.

  • • The average cost to paint a house is usually $4,000 – $6,000 for interior painting for the walls only. If you need two floors of a house for interior painting for the walls only, it’s anywhere from $5,000 – $7,500.
  • • The average cost is $700 – $1,200 for the trims and doors, including baseboards, door, and window frames. That usually consists of two coats of premium white paint.
  • • The average cost is usually $1,000 – $1,300 for ceilings that don’t need any extra fussing. For instance, if you need popcorn ceiling removal done, that is more costly.
  • • A Toronto home of this size has 3 – 4 closets. The price for each is $75 – $125. The cost is anywhere from $200 – $500 for larger walk-in closets.

How do you figure out how much interior house paint you’ll need?

If you need a tried and true tip from professional painters, we have it right here for you! Usually one gallon of paint will cover up to 400 square feet. So, if you’re trying to figure out how much will it cost to paint a 2000 sq ft house and how much paint you’ll need, let’s do the simple math. If you divide 400 into 2000, it gives you five. So, for 2000 square feet, you will likely need 5 gallons of interior house paint.

For the top rated interior house paint, you can expect to pay anywhere between $50 – $80 per gallon. We recommend top brands, such as Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams.

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Now that you have all of the facts, you can make an informed decision on which route best suits your needs. If interior painting is what you’re in the market for, why not save on both time and stress by calling Home Painters Toronto? Our house painting services have been around for over 30 years now. Call us NOW at 416 494 9095 or email Brian@HomePaintersToronto.com for your FREE QUOTE. And don’t forget to follow us on our social media channels below!

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