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How To Replace A Roof Shingle

In the spring and summer months when the weather is a lot better it might be time to think about replacing some of your roof shingles.  Sometimes those shingles don’t last a lifetime, though they can stay in good condition for decades.  But what with branches and other debris, as well as varying weather conditions, shingles can curl or end up being blown about and bouncing off your roof!  Or in some cases maybe the previous owners never replaced the roof shingles. Whatever the reason, from time to time you might find damaged shingles, which isn’t something you really want to think about come the winter season. The good news is that it’s completely possible to repair or replace these roof shingles quite easily!


Materials That You Will Need

  • Ladder
  • Nails and Tarp
  • Pry Bar
  • Roofing Blade
  • Hammer or Nail Gun
  • Protective Wear
  • Ice/Water Protector (Winter Repair)
  • Shingle Cement/Adhesive
  • New Roof Shingles

Locate Damaged Roof Shingles  

  • Make your way onto the roof using a ladder, ensuring that it’s secure before placing your whole weight on it. Remember to wear any weather-appropriate protective gear necessary.
  • Use pry bar to carefully loosen the shingle adhesive located under the five tabs in or around the second row above the damaged shingle. This is done because the end seams are lined 6″ – 12″ off to the side of the damaged shingle.  The seam will probably be nailed in and each nail will need to be removed to gently pull damaged roof shingle strip away before replacing it.  
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Remove Shingle(s) that Need to Be Replaced

  • Using a pry bar or the back of your hammer, lift each nail that has been exposed.  Make sure to keep them near as you will need to nail everything back in later.  
  • Carefully lift the surrounding tabs about 45-60 degrees to expose the full size of the damaged shingle panel and be certain you don’t break the surrounding shingles.  
  • Finally, using your prybar once more, loosen the adhesive that is under the damaged shingle, or shingle panel, it should come free easily since your nails are no longer in.  
  • Place this aside and locate your new shingles for replacement

Replace the Roof Shingle & Re-Seal

  • Replace the old roof shingle with a new one.  Slide it into position.  Lift surrounding shingles carefully to  nail the top in place.  Try to drive nail in at slightly different points than they were previously, to ensure it is sturdy
  • With shingle adhesive/cement reseal the edges of the shingle in a couple places and press down firmly.  Two nickel sized dots per panel should be enough.  
  • Secure it by nailing it in once more just to make sure it’s nice and tight.

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This is a quick and easy fix on how to replace a roof shingle. Because this job is quite easy to do, as long as you stay on top of it by replacing damaged shingles often, you won’t need to completely re-shingle your roof in the future! If you would like some help with this, have HPT assist you! Call us NOW at 416-494-9095 or email [email protected].

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