Have You Ever Painted A Rental Without Permission?

Have You Ever Painted A Rental Without Permission?

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Moving into a new rental home can create a lot of ideas and design inspiration which can be both exciting and overwhelming. If you have previous experience as a homeowner then you know all too well the perks of being able to do anything to your house. You didn’t need permission from a landlord or anyone else — you could just go to town!

But when you are renting a home the landlord can sometimes be difficult to work with or hard to get a hold of. They might possibly be a little too demanding. Most of these traits can make it difficult to come to an agreement. In some cases you might even forget about their issues and go ahead and paint the house you’re renting anyway! After all, it’s the home that you’re living in. Sometimes there will be issues like interior paint colours you don’t enjoy or even shoddy paint jobs. You might even find non-matching cabinets or even a odd smells in your home. All of these reasons can add to your urgency to paint the place so you can live in it more comfortably.

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Not a fan of your interior paint colours? 

So, you’re all moved into your new rental property and find that you don’t like the paint colours that are already on the walls. Certain shades can make your living space look and feel smaller. That can make daily living quite unbearable. If you decide to do some apartment rental painting without permission from your landlord, chances are they won’t complain about it if you choose tasteful paint colours, like neutral tones. It’s key to stay away from trendy colour schemes. If you choose nice neutrals for your interior painting, the landlord may very well appreciate your efforts! 

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What’s within your rights as a tenant…

If the house you’re renting has an odd smell or a foul pet odor that is almost impossible to get rid of, this issue can be viewed as damage done. You, as the new tenant, would have the right to request the home be rid of the smell since it has become a nuisance.

Fortunately for you, the quickest and most efficient way to get rid of these types of smells is to repaint the walls. Given the situation, the landlord may offer to pay for the paint but nothing more. This loophole won’t always work, so take note of how the next place you’re renting smells. Always be sure to ask ahead of time about painting the space if you’re not a fan of the past tenant’s paint colours.

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Working things out with your landlord

What you could do if you get a hold of your landlord is to ask them to provide the paint and supplies. Then you could offer to paint the house or apartment yourself. This way you are putting in your time and effort and the landlord is putting in their money to invest in their living space. This way you can potentially both be happy with it.

Unfortunately, not all landlords will be fine with the idea of painting property that ultimately belongs to them. Some might feel uncomfortable leaving tenants to take matters into their own hands. The repercussions of this can lead to losing your security deposit. Many tenants may feel like it’s worth the loss to live in such a nicely painted apartment. The choice is ultimately yours to make.

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The best colours to choose to please your landlord

As we’ve previously stated, your landlord potentially could be quite happy with your efforts to paint their place new and desirable interior paint colours. After all, if they are currently outfitted in outdated colours, there’s only a small chance that someone will want to rent from them later on.

In order to keep you both happy, it’s best to go with neutrals. First of all, a nice bright white does wonders to open up a small space. Chantilly Lace is always a beautiful choice as it’s clean and crisp. If you want to go a tad warmer and more of a taupe, Revere Pewter is a nice neutral option. And you really can’t go wrong if you want to go a bit more modern with grey. Stonington Grey isn’t too dark and has just the right amount of coolness.

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