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The Best Home Office Chairs To Your Taste

The Best Home Office Chairs according to your taste

Is there anything as important right now when working from home than having the perfect home office chair? After all, you’re likely spending at least eight hours a day (usually more) sitting at your desk. You’re having meetings, working on proposals, answering emails. And if you don’t have the exact right home office chair for you, it can feel like one heck of a long day!

No one chair is suitable for everyone and it is important to choose the one which will work well for your specific needs and will help create a comfortable and efficient working environment. A lot of people want a chair that will look good but is also good for their health and posture.

Obviously, it also has to be comfortable as you are to be sitting in it for long periods of time. It also should be practical and well designed to support your frame, particularly your back. After making sure the chair is the correct size and shape to suit you, then comes the exciting bit to choose a design which enhances the appearance and feel of your particular home office space. This is where you can evoke some personality and have some fun!

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As you can see, there are lots of criteria to consider when it comes to getting yourself the perfect home office chair. So, let’s get started on the hunt!

Structube’s Willy Office Chair 

We really love Structube because they offer modern furniture designs with that designer flair that’s also very affordable. Their Willy office chair sits at only $99! Talk about a steal. We really like this home office chair because it’s not completely oversized. As they say on their website, the Willy office chair possesses a very “slim profile”, so it would fit nicely into small spaces.

It’s also pretty cool because it comes in four different colours. That really allows you to personalize it to your space and your taste. Plus, if you’re someone who doesn’t love a super high back, but wants something comfy to sit in, this could be your ideal home office chair.

light pink colour Structube Willy Office Chair from Structube

Union & Scale MidMod Chair From Staples 

This MidMod home office chair by Union & Scale is in the mid range in terms of pricing at $199. We really like this one because not everyone is a fan of office chairs with wheels. Sometimes you just want something more simple and classic with legs. There’s a real sense of elegance to this mid-century style chair as well. It looks cozy and comfortable, yet you can still appreciate its design features.

The beautiful cream colour as well as the wooden legs gives off such a nice clean and contemporary look. Plus, it has a high enough back rest for those who need good support. As well as cushiony arm rests for those super long days at your desk.

white colour MidMod home office chair by Union & Scale

Ikea’s Hattefjall’s Office Chair

The Hattefjall’s home office chair from Ikea (which runs at $249) is so sweet and charming. This is the ideal chair for you if you have a white desk and want something that fits in with that colour scheme seamlessly. Also, note that this office chair doesn’t have armrests. This is for those people who really don’t find them to be that helpful or comfortable. We all have different needs, right?

Also, we really love the curving accent features and the very 80’s looking grey cushions! Of course, there are tilt and height adjustment features that make it easy to customize to your size.

Grey colour Hattefjall’s home office chair from IKEA

Amazon’s VANBOW High Back Leather Home Office Chair 

This VANBOW high back leather chair from Amazon is for the true boss! Priced at $219, not only is it super impressive looking, but it’s completely functional as well. This home office chair was designed to give premium lumbar support, so your back won’t be killing you midday. It also features soft memory foam padding as well as a waterfall edge seat, so your behind can stay comfortable too!

It’s also ergonomic and adjustable as they get that not everyone is created to the same height and weight! Plus, the VANBOW chair was made with bonded leather that looks cool, classic and elegant. Everyone will take you seriously in meetings with this bad boy home office chair behind you!

Black colour Vanbow Leather chair from Amazon

Wayfair’s Felson Task Chair 

The Felson Task Chair from Wayfair retails at $286 and it just looks so cool! It runs that smooth line of possessing completely vintage and modern qualities. We really love the use of wooden accent details under the armrests and seating area.

Built for “motion, versatility and multitasking”, you can swivel and adjust the seat height measurements as well. Also, you can personalize the colour as well, as it comes in green, white and black. We appreciate the versatile yet distinct nature of this home office chair.

dark brown felson task chair by Wayfair

Monarch Specialties Office Chair From Walmart

This Monarch Specialties home office chair from Walmart, priced at $159, is ergonomically designed with a mid-size high back and gorgeous white and grey accent features. It’s super stylish as well as functional with a thick cushioned seating area and high quality armrests.

There’s also a convenient lever for adjustable seat height, so you can customize things to your ideal positioning. We really love the all the details and features for comfort in this home office chair as well as how nice it is to look at!

off white colour with wheels Monarch specialists chair from Walmart

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