A Moment With Toronto Interior Designer Margaret Hawryliw

A Moment With Toronto Interior Designer Margaret Hawryliw

The world of interior design in Toronto is such an interesting place filled with talented individuals who really know their stuff. Margaret Hawryliw is certainly no exception. Currently the principal designer at In Home Design Co., Margaret comes with 20 years of experience as a Toronto interior designer under her belt.

There is so much that goes into a designer’s life and line of work and where they gather inspiration from. Let’s dig right into our conversation with Margaret Hawryliw from At Home Design Co. here in Toronto. We’re really excited to let you in on this Toronto interior designer’s life and work!

Her roots & In Home Design Co.

For Margaret Hawryliw, she warrants her time spent in Europe to be one of the big reasons that she initially fell in love with interior design. During her time studying in university, she did an exchange in which she spent some time over in England. She recalls that during that time she traveled all around Europe — each weekend meant a different city! From Paris to Brussels to Amsterdam, she walked the cities as an excited tourist. She visited the galleries and just got a feel for different types of architecture and design through the ages. Hawryliw remembers feeling as though she really wanted to be a part of that world.

After starting a family, Hawryliw decided that interior residential design would be her main focus. Margaret had also built up a client base over the years in Toronto. She’s worked at other design firms and also teaches at Humber and Seneca College. But it was in 2017 when In Home Design Co. really came to be. Led by Hawryliw as the principal designer, In Home Design Co. provides a wide range of interior and decorating services in Toronto and the GTA. One of their main premises is to focus on “design solutions that respond to the time we live in”.

In home Design co Blog interview with Margaret Hawryliw

The design process & COVID-19 changes

Hawryliw spoke quite excitedly about how the whole process gets rolling for her as a Toronto interior designer. If you’re in the area and looking to make some changes, it can all get started with a simple phone call. Once you’ve decided to go with In Home Design Co., an initial interior design consultation is set up. It’s really where Hawryliw’s creative juices get flowing! She really starts to develop an idea for what you’re looking for. Hawryliw will show you some of her previous work, discuss design concepts, colour ideas, budget and really get a feel for what you’re looking for.

In the time of COVID-19, it’s fair to ask how the pandemic has affected her business as a Toronto interior designer. Hawryliw describes our current time as a “real wake-up call”. For those who aren’t comfortable inviting people into their homes right now, In Home Design Co. has formally introduced remote services. Everything is discussed virtually! Even though this process does require more from the client (they have to do the measurements themselves), there’s a flat fee for services here. Clients who go the remote route are still privy to top designer drawings and sourcing, but it’s a great way to save some money right now. Hawryliw let us in on the fact that home office designs are quite popular right now.

Home Painters Canada Brush

Toronto interior design trends for 2020

One thing that Hawryliw has spotted for the year 2020 as a Toronto interior designer is there’s a real “ease of living” happening. It’s probably due to the fact that we’re all spending a lot more time at home. But Hawryliw finds that people are much more interested in more natural and locally made interiors. There’s been a big push on linens, cottons and items that are more sustainable without chemicals. She’s also seeing a lot more clients being into natural looking woods. Margaret notes that “everyone’s very aware of their home” right now and how it makes them feel. Trends come and go, but a lot of these shifts towards a more natural interior could be steadfast and here to stay.

Margaret Hawryliw’s favorite space to design 

As a busy Toronto interior designer, Hawryliw finds it hard to narrow down some of her favourite spaces to design. However, one of the top rooms that she does mention is the dining room. She loves it due to the intimate conversations that happen in this space. People entertain in their dining rooms and sit face-to-face for long periods of time. Hawryliw finds it a space where you can make it fun and really inviting. She loves to play with lighting and interior paint colours in the dining room.

Another one of the top spaces Margaret loves to design in Toronto homes are powder rooms. She describes that walking into a powder room that’s really offset from the rest of the house is so fun. You can play with paint colour in a powder room and truly make it pop. Hawryliw also loves working on bedrooms because they’re so personal. She really enjoys collaborating with her clients to create their ideal space.

designed scaled slider door with green wallpaper

How does paint factor in to Margaret Hawryliw’s design process?

Obviously, at Home Painters Toronto, we understand that paint plays a big role in any room. As a Toronto interior designer, Margaret Hawryliw feels the exact same way. She notes that paint plays a pivotal role when designing her clients’ home spaces. Hawryliw wholeheartedly believes that paint really is the jumping off point because it works to set the tone of the room.

Hawryliw believes that the sky’s the limit when it comes to colour and how it can be used. One of the first things Margaret does with her clients is paint colour suggestions because it gives way to so many design ideas. Plus, different colours have the ability to evoke emotional responses in a space. Margaret notes that right now she sees clients moving towards a “clean neutral palette”, with greys, blues and beiges. In kitchens, Margaret is finding a lot of people are going for a wood stain or even bringing in deeper colours. Hues that range in the greys, blues, sage green and ochre for their living spaces, dining rooms or powder rooms.

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Some images were taken from In Home Design Co. & Margaret Hawryliw’s personal collection.

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