Best Home Office Paint Colours For Productivity

Are you finding your home office a little lack luster and hard to concentrate in as of late? Maybe it’s due to all of that extra time we’re spending indoors lately. Or maybe it’s simply because we’ve all had to grow accustom to working from home in this time and it’s actually harder than it looks!

It can be so crucial to your work day to be within a space that actually helps to make you feel productive. For some people, working from home is the ideal scenario. They don’t find themselves periodically disturbed and there’s no office politics to deal with. For others though, it can have the opposite effect. Going to the office everyday can offer a sense of purpose, security and tons of productivity.

Luckily, with the right paint colour for your home office, you can actually work to create the perfect little work station for yourself. It might not be the office where you can catch up with your work bestie on your break, but your production levels can sore if you keep these things in mind!

office paint colours considerations

In terms of how paint colour impacts our moods and behaviour, that should be your jumping off point for your home office ideas. How do you hope to feel when you step into your home office everyday? A lot of us want to work in a space that helps us to feel driven, industrious and task oriented. We want to feel motivated and energetic and excited to get to work. All of those feelings of indifference or not even being sure how to start your day can actually melt away with the right office paint colour!

The best office paint colours for productivity 

Yellow can be an amazing colour to incorporate into your office paint design scheme. It works to promote creativity and optimism — both which are crucial features for productivity. It also exudes confidence, which is exactly how you want to feel at work! Benjamin Moore’s Banana Yellow is a great pick for a vibrant yellow paint colour. 

Blue is an intellectual colour, that represents trust and logic. It can allow you to come from a very clear state of mind. Blue can also help to promote communication, which is of the utmost of importance in business! If you want to feel the smarts run through you in your home office, Greenhow Blue is a fresh choice. 

Green can really work to provide a workspace that offers up harmony and restoration. It’s familiar and comforting. Green can also create a sense of balance in a space, so it’s ideal for those who need help focusing. Clare’s Current Mood possesses a beautiful richness that’s not too intense. 

Teal can work well as an home office paint colour. At its core, it’s a combination of blue and green. So, think of the strong characteristics of both of those colours and the benefits will ooze! Surf Blue is the perfect option for a stylish teal that’s bright and alluring.

Orange could perhaps be way too bold of a colour for you, but it could work nicely for an accent wall. Just the right punch of colour to help give off that big boost of energy you need every morning! Orange Sky is an optimistic and powerful office paint choice.

home office ideas – neutrals can work for productivity!

Gray is all about neutrality, for any room you put it in. Often, larger office buildings use gray as their interior paint colours because it works well for everyone. Repose Gray from Sherwin Williams is a nice warm gray that’s sure to just melt into place.

Off-white doesn’t necessarily have to possess an overly clinical feel. If you’re someone who doesn’t like distractions, a nice rich off-white paint colour could be your ideal office environment. Think of a clear mind and simplicity when you think of off-white home office paint. Simply White is a fresh and clean off-white that would work well in any home office space.

Brown can help you to feel powerful, strong and stable. It can also really play well off rich woods. For instance, if you have a beautiful oak desk, perhaps brown wall paint will help you to embrace the boldness! Why not give Valley Forge Brown a try if you’re looking for a rich brown that’s not too deep.

your home office space – it’s all in the little details! 

Of course, there are other details and features that can help to really make your home office space feel like your own. If the space where you work feels comfortable and secure, you are much more likely to step foot in there everyday and get some work done!

For some home office ideas, it’s important to think about what kind of lighting you have in your home office. After all, you’re going to be on your computer most of the day straining your eyes. You want to be sure that the lighting is decent and actually doing its job.

If doing an accent wall isn’t quite your thing, you might want to think about an inspiration board. You might consider it not useful if you’re not in a creative line of work, but an inspiration or vision board can work to get those juices flowing for just about any job! Think about prints that inspire you or clippings from magazines. You can even include nice photos of family and friends too. Your inspiration board is yours to play with!

office furniture ideas 

Lastly, always think about the chair you’re sitting in as well as your office desk. They need to be comfortable and sturdy, but the aesthetics are completely up to you. Maybe you enjoy a more minimal desk that’s not all chunky wood features. This simple Ikea desk is a popular option. People like it for its simplicity as well as the convenient desk drawers. Or maybe larger office furniture is comforting for you. This wooden office desk from Structube is a nice classic option. All of these little decisions and touches, along with the office paint colour, help to make your space your own!

As far as a home office desk chairs are concerned, we like this Structube office chair. It has a high back that’s needed for comfort, but it still possesses a modern flair. If you enjoy a shopping trip to actually scope out the goods, there’s no better place to go than Ikea! There are so many options, but this Ikea office chair is modern, adjustable and we enjoy the nice pop of colour.

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