child's bedroom painted marine blue from Benjamin moore with white bunkbeds and white and grey bedding

Top Colours For Bedroom Paint Ideas

Everyone has different style ideas and aesthetics when it comes to decorating their bedroom. Some people are all about creating a relaxing oasis filled to the brim with coziness. While others need a bright and enticing paint colour to help get them out of bed in the morning. In order to give you all the best options, we’re here to give you the top colours for bedroom paint ideas for 2020!

Decorating your bedroom can feel like kind of a big feat. After all, most of us end up spending about one-third of our lives sleeping. Shouldn’t we do all we can to make sure it happens in a place that’s both pleasant and soothing? A lot of that does have to do with your actual mattress and bedding and linens, but there’s definitely more to it. The colour of your bedroom can actually have a huge impact on your sleep and mood.

some things to consider for your bedroom aesthetic

Boho style bedroom painted with Benjamin Moore Golden Straw 2152-50 and hunters green accent windows

Like we’ve said, decorating your bedroom is kind of a huge deal. That’s exactly why you want to consider everything from the bedroom paint ideas to your linen choices. If you’re all about texture and keeping things luxe and beautiful, why not completely spoil yourself in terms of bedding? You don’t have to go for the highest thread count, but a nice silky linen that feels nice to the touch.

If you’re someone who has trouble sleeping and needs a room without a lot of fuss, consider a more simplistic decor. A nice clean and fresh colour in terms of bedroom paint colour with just a minimal dresser. Surprisingly enough, one of the best paint colour ideas for sleep is yellow. Golden Straw 2152-50  is one of the top paint colours of the season as it’s so golden and rich to the eye. A lot of people find that by having happy colours in their bedroom can really make a positive impact on their sleep.




If you’re curious about which colour combinations work best for a bedroom, let us do the work for you! A nice shade of indigo blue, like Prussian Blue CW-625 and a white or cream offers a soothing palette that’s still crisp and fresh. Speaking of cream, Gentle Cream OC-96 is a beautiful choice that offers depth and interest to a space, but it’s still soothing. For another bedroom colour combination, pairing this cream with a colour like Sedona Brown 1127 can really work to create a warm and cozy sleep space.  


Benjamin Moore Gentle Cream OC-96 painted bedroom with a canopy bed with assorted pillows and a light pink throw blanket

nautical style bedroom painted Prussian Blue CW-625 By Benjamin Moore with white trim and furnishing and assorted blue bedding










Open concept country style bedroom painted with Benjamin Moore Sedona Brown 1127 with white door and base trim



If you can handle something a bit more bold and in tune with your personality, let it shine! Maybe you want to have an accent wall that really pops behind your bed. Have that play off of a nice bright bedspread and a really beautiful chandelier. Doesn’t it sound like a dream to go to sleep in that room?




bedroom paint ideas for mood

coastal style bedroom painted with Sweet Bluette 813 from Benjamin Moore with teal accents and white wood flooring



The overall mood of a room, particularly a bedroom, can really affect your sleep, well-being and how you feel throughout your day. For bedroom paint ideas that are soothing and relaxing, think about soft colours like pale blues, like Sweet Bluette 813. It’s been said that shades of blue can be so good for relaxation that they even help to slow your heart rate and reduce blood pressure. Worth a try, right?




master bedroom painted with Dovetail SW 7018 paint By Benjamin Moore with slanted wood ceiling and white window trim



A soft gray paint colour can bring a very calming presence as well. Gray doesn’t have to be considered depressing at all in your space. Taupe gray is actually one of the top colours of the year for interiors to help sell your home. People love it for its neutral feel and ability to truly build from it in any direction. Dovetail SW 7018  would be a great choice for a couples’ bedroom as it’s not likely to ruffle anyone’s feathers! Just about anyone would find this taupe gray serene and low-key.


top colours for bedroom paint ideas for 2020


small country styled bedroom painted with benjamin moore Whisper Violet 2070-70 paint with white window and baseboard trim and refurnished dark oak floors




Based on the trends for the season, shades of lilac and lavender are big for bedroom paint ideas this year. Whisper Violet 2070-70 is such a pretty choice for the bedroom. It’s light yet completely luscious while still being soothing to the eye.






french style bedroom painted with benjamin moore Buxton Blue HC-149 paint with assorted matching bedding and a window bench seat




Speaking of soft blues and greens, Buxton Blue HC-149 is the perfect blending of both. It’s elegant yet understated, but it still maintains the ability to present a relaxing vibe to a bedroom.







loft bedroom painted with benjamin moore Thunder AF-685 with oak beams and white wood plank flooring




If you want something more natural to the eye, but still comforting, Thunder AF-685 is a great choice for a bedroom. Described as a subtle “greige” tone with subtle hints of purple (depending on the room and the lighting), it’s still warm to the eyes.






child's bedroom painted blue danube 2062-30 By benjamin moore with white bunkbeds and white and grey bedding



If you’re someone who needs to go into a darker room for sleep, but still needs style, might we suggest Blue Danube 2062-30This gorgeous deep cyan blue (with hints of green) is so rich and pure. Imagine this bedroom paint colour matching up with the most luxurious of bed linens? Sounds heavenly!







tropical style bedroom with accent wall painted with Rojo Dust SW 9006 By Sherman Williams with floral bedding and white bed and baseboard trim




Another colour for bedroom paint ideas that would make a statement is Rojo Dust SW 9006. This light dusty red would be ideal for individuals who want to walk into their bedroom and feel like they’re receiving a warm embrace! It would look so great with more natural wood side tables and dressers too.








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Some of these images were retrieved from Benjamin Moore and Pinterest.

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