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Ways To Renovate Your Bathroom On A Budget

Ways to Renovate Your Bathroom on a BudgetWays To Renovate Your Bathroom On A Budget

How to remodel your bathroom – There’s no need to dread the often time-consuming ordeal of bathroom renovation. There are ways to renovate your bathroom on a budget while still having it look brand new and updated in a short amount of time. Read on to learn how!

1. Replacement Is Not Always Necessary

  • Is your bathtub starting to look dull and grungy? If you only have cosmetic issues with your shower or tub then you can refinish it instead of replacing it.
  • What about the grout along your washroom tiles- is it looking dirty and gross? There are many cleaning solutions that will breathe life back into your bathroom tiles, and you won’t want to replace them after how polished and new they start to look again!
  • You can also cover any minor holes and imperfections to the lower part of your walls by adding wainscoting. Paneling as high as 48″ will really make a difference!
  • Fixing a broken tile instead of replacing the whole floor is also a no-brainer. It may be tricky to find an exact match, but the time spent searching will more than cover the cost of changing every single tile.

2. Upgrade Your bathroom For Less

  • Doing it yourself saves money, but you probably already knew that. Don’t shy away from installing your own toilet, vanity, and counter.
  • Repainting your washroom might be the solution for you if you are seeing old tears in the wallpaper or chips and scuffs all over the walls. Painting over the walls that have these issues can vastly transform your bathroom. Installing some peel and stick back-splash, or even peel and stick decorative tape, in a modern pattern is a fantastic way to update for less. Just be careful you do it right the first time, or it will cost you to have to redo the job.
  • Don’t buy a new mirror, just frame your existing one! This is an inexpensive trick to update an old mirror and is completely worth the work.
  • Update your light fixtures. You can buy new light fixtures fairly cheap and the upgrade will look fantastic.

Ways to Renovate Your Bathroom on a Budget Midblog Post3. Design your Bathroom – A Little Decoration Can Go A Long Way

  • Old shower curtains? Find new ones with a modern design and match the towels, mats, and other bathroom accessories for a crisp, contemporary feel.
  • Accessorizing with a new shower head, wall art, curtain rings, and more will create a very tasteful look.
  • Refinish or paint old cabinets. A dark or neutral colour will add a more expensive look to your bathroom without costing as much as replacing them.
  • Install some modern shelves to both display art and act as functional storage. This is an especially good idea for smaller washrooms that want space without having to replace the vanity.

As you just read, there are many ways to renovate your bathroom on a budget. The power of decoration is really quite surprising, and when you cover up instead of replace you are creating an updated washroom and skipping expensive and unnecessary steps.

If you would like some help in renewing the look of your bathroom don’t be afraid to call Home Painters Toronto, they can paint your washroom and more! Call us NOW at 416-494-9095 or email us at [email protected] for a free bathroom renovation consultation and quote estimate!


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