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Bathrooms are one the most used spaces in a home. When redecorating this setting, you need to know what vibes you want to obtain. How you spend your time in this setting is important for various reasons. Firstly, do you prefer a spa-like atmosphere where you want to deeply relax before going to work? Or are you the type who just wants their bathroom to be a family-friendly zone where everyone has their own space to decompress. Your answers to those questions are extremely important to finding out what are the best bathroom paint colours are for you. So, let’s dig right into paint colours for bathrooms! 

Best bathroom paint colours: You can go bold!

Don’t be afraid to branch out and look at darker shades. Charcoal, for example, is a dramatic consideration for bathroom wall colours. Although it is dark, it can look sophisticated to you and to anyone who visits your bathroom. It gives off a contemporary edge, but it does present warm elements. With the warm elements, it makes for a cozy space and could be one of the best bathroom paint colours. In addition, charcoal matches up well with natural wood tones or metallic accents.

Let’s not forgot about the boldest color: black. A black accent wall surrounded by white features, gives off a very sophisticated look. When mixing a dark shade with a clean white, the room can still have a sunny-type feeling. Plus, if you put a black bathroom wall colour with gold accents, such as the faucet and cabinet door pulls, it gives off a really classic look. Speaking of gold, not a lot of people would consider gold or yellow as a large setting color, but it can work in a smaller space like the bathroom. Gold is a bright bold colour, and it could very well be on your list of bathroom paint ideas this year! 

Other best bathroom paint colours 

  • Network GrayA beautiful neutral shade that will allow you bathroom to pop and shine! Plus, grays look so good with white bathroom cabinets. 
  • Antique TinThis shade of gray is neutral, but yet very bold. If you add this shade to an already all-white bathroom, it will give off a modern vibe, but still will look like a classic style bathroom.
  • Flirty Pink: The shade of pink called Childlike provides a flirty feel to your bathroom. Not a lot of people would opt for a pink color for a bathroom, but if you can make it work, take the risk.
  • Powder BlueBlue is a calming color. It can give you vibes as if you are outside, staring at the blue sky and calming winds. If you want to enter your bathroom after a long and stressful day, to a more calming environment, use powder blue to feel that serenity.
  • Lavender: Most people are in awe of this color because it is so eye-popping. An instant attraction. It can give any bathroom a modern and elegant vibe. In addition, if surrounded with white features, it looks very luxurious.

Bathroom Colours: How to know what colour is right for you

Painting is a fun and inexpensive way to give your room freshness. Picking a bathroom colour can be quite challenging. There are so many amazingly beautiful colors to choose from and sometimes you just don’t know where to start. Which tone do you want your room to be: cool, complimentary, warm, shaded, or vibrant? In addition, a great tip for people who don’t know what bathroom colour to choose: if you have samples, present it upright, not laying down. This is because a colour will present itself differently in multiple settings, but if you lay it upright on the wall or corners, you will envision it clearer. Lastly, if you look at your samples upright on the wall during the day and at night, you will know what works and doesn’t work. Those are just a couple tips on picking out the best bathroom paint colours! 

Best paint for bathrooms

Remember that bathrooms are special areas where there can be a lot of humidity and high moisture. The right type of paint for a bathroom would be a water-based latex paint. Oil based paint can develop yellow over time. Latex paint is better suited for bathrooms because it doesn’t allow water to penetrate and that’s important when showering or using the sink. Also, you can scrub away stains easier using latex paint than you would with an oil-based paint. In its totality, latex paint is not only easier to use, but it dries quicker too.

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