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The bathroom is our most used space and for obvious reasons. It’s always great to give your space a boost and that includes using a fresh coat of paint. Depending on what experience you want to create, it is important to start your day off in a positive way and sometimes, using the right shade helps. What is the toughest area to find paint in a bathroom? The answer is bathroom ceilings. Although painting could be fun at first glance, it is also complex. Another question you may ask: what is the best ceiling paint for a bathroom? The top three things to consider for this handy work are moisture protection, durability, and water resistance.

When painting a bathroom, don’t forget about its humid and moist conditions, especially after taking a shower. Showers and even sink splashes cause water to hit the wall, leading to increased moisture. Sometimes it could possibly lead to mildew growth. That is why the type of paint you choose is important to determine that these conditions don’t become a factor for your bathroom. If you’re at all nervous about making these crucial decisions yourself, you can always reach out to professional house painters.

So, without further adieu, let’s dive right into the best ceiling paint for bathrooms! 

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Latex is the way to go

The right type of paint for a bathroom would be a water-based latex paint. Although oil paint is more durable, you need to clean it with mineral spirits and that causes VOCs (volatile organic compounds) to develop. In addition, oil paint can develop yellow, especially in dark rooms. Latex paint is better suited for bathrooms because it doesn’t allow water to penetrate and that’s important when showering or using the sink. Also, you can scrub away stains easier using latex paint than you would with an oil-based paint. In its totality, latex paint is not only easier to use, but dries quicker and those are two things people love to hear.

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Invest in semi gloss paint

When you are showering or taking a hot bath, your windows will get foggy because of the humidity. This humidity can lead to chipping and peeling on your wall and bathroom ceiling. How do we fix that problem? You would need to invest in semi gloss paint. Semi gloss paint is a perfect choice because it is washable, durable, and mildew resistant. In addition, ceilings produce mold and mildew because the average person is not cleaning their ceilings every day (it’s pretty high). By using semi gloss paint, it will protect your bathroom ceiling from mildew, while being durable as well.

Don’t forget to use moisture resistant primer 

In unventilated spaces like the shower, peeling paint happens because steam rises and gets trapped. Also, moisture builds up as well, causing it to trickle between the paint and surface. Purchasing a moisture resistant primer for the bathroom will help stop peeling paint from occurring. Apply a coat of the moisture resistant primer, along with mildew resistant paint. Long-term wise, this will not be a hassle to you because you will not have to do a paint job on your shower ceiling any time soon. 

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The Best Ceiling Paint For Bathrooms

Let’s just say you’re in the middle of showering, you look up at your ceiling and realize it is due for a new paint job. Although the easier thing to do would be to paint it flat white, you might want to consider using a paint that resists mildew and moisture. A moisture resistant semi-gloss paint is the perfect way to go because it makes your ceiling stand out, while also protecting it from the growth of mildew and mold. Sometimes, you will see water spots on the ceiling from the moisture and humidity of your shower. Don’t worry, the semi-gloss paint does a great job of preventing mildew growth.

Plan ahead before painting your bathroom ceiling 

As with any paint job, you should clean the surface you will be painting on, to remove any existing mildew and mold. You can use a DIY trick: three parts water and one part bleach. You will need to use painter’s tape to block off the areas you will not touch: door knobs, floorboards, counters, and corners. In addition, if you don’t want paint to get on your floor and countertops, use a plastic drop cloth sheet for protection. Painting from the corners is the best way to start off, then slowly working your way across the wall. Before you take a hot shower, you should let the paint dry for a couple of days as a precaution. When it comes to painting, ventilation is your best friend! Make sure all your windows are open, so that the air is flowing and the paint dries quicker. The main goal is to hope that this paint job lasts for a long time and that the ceiling paint for bathroom should be moisture-resistant.

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