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Repair Water Damage Job we completed in downtown Toronto

One of the more common calls we get during the year is water damage repair, issues with ceilings and walls.

water damage ceiling repairWater Damage Restoration Toronto – As a homeowner myself, I can see how frustrating water damage can be. You have a beautiful room with lovely furniture, but there is a terrible water damage blotch in one of the main rooms. Hence making it a major eye sore for the room and your home. It’s even more embarrassing when we have guests over and that ugly water damage is sitting right over our heads, as we are entertaining… How uncomfortable!

So I can empathize whenever we get calls for water damage repairs from homeowners.

Our Recent Water Damage Repair Job In Toronto

Here is a water damaged plaster job we did in a few of the main rooms of a downtown Toronto home. The client was motivated to fix this issue and hired us to do so ASAP. We were also motivated to fix this issue for them knowing how uncomfortable this can be in a main room!

As you can see the paint started to peel as well as plaster was damaged causing some bubbling in the ceiling.

Markham drywall repairing water damaged ceiling torontoWe then cut the entire square away since it was soggy and damaged in the entire area.   Because it was still a bit damp we had to let it dry out for a day or 2 just to let it breath a bit.

Unfortunately, we did this in July so the humidity was high. This made the job go on a bit longer than we would have liked since the drying time for the plastering was an issue.

hole in ceiling water damageNevertheless, our amazing plaster guys Mike and Wallace here did 3-4 skim coats of plaster resulting in an amazing finish.

DIY water damage repairWe then made sure we cleaned up after ourselves since sometimes plastering a wall and ceiling can result in a bit of a mess.  The client was relieved her house was restored back to normal.

In the end, the job was a huge success. As you can see in the pictures, the job looks amazing. The client was thrilled and went out of her way to give us a great review on one of our most popular review site HomeStars. She also referred us to a couple of her friends, which is always a nice bonus for a job well done!

Water Damage Repair Project Before After Photo

We would be happy to do this for you also. Please don’t hesitate to call us at 416-494-9095 or email us directly at [email protected] and we would love to give you a free water damage repair quote as well!

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