Banner Bringing Warmth to a Room with Ceiling Painting

Bringing Warmth to a Room with Ceiling Painting

Are you thinking of painting the ceiling in your home? If so, you may be wondering how to choose ceiling paint and how it can help bring warmth to a room. You may be worried that it won’t look right, or that it will make the room feel smaller. However, painting your ceiling can actually help to create a more spacious and cozy space.

What Does Painting the Ceiling Do to a Room?

You can make a small room appear larger or a large room look smaller, just by painting your ceiling. You can also bring warmth to a room by choosing the right colour of paint.

This is because it creates the illusion of receding space. It also gives an impression of height and depth. This is why you’ll find many people painting their ceilings white. The brightness from the white paint will reflect off all surfaces in the room and bounce around, creating even more light.

Read on to find some tips on how to bring a touch of coziness into your home. As the seasons take change for the colder.

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1. Prepare the Ceiling

• Now is the best time to repair any part of your ceiling that needs attention before you paint it.

• Patch up any imperfections and sand the ceiling in order to end up with a smooth surface.

• Once you have finished with that, you can start to prep the room as well.

• Lay down a tarp before you begin, moving furniture out of the room to protect it from paint spills and spatters.

2. Are You Looking To Make The Room Larger or Smaller?

• Trying to make a small room look larger? Paint the walls a neutral colour. And then paint your ceiling white or two shades lighter than the colour of the walls. Pastels are a daring choice, but a beautiful space opener.

• Making a large room smaller? Paint the ceiling a dark neutral shade. Which will give the home a warmer feel and a cozier atmosphere. Deep purples or burnt oranges are a bolder option, but create a more intimate focus for the room as a whole.

3. Ceiling Paint Tips

White is a safe and very common paint colour for ceilings. But why not ditch the ordinary route and make a statement in a unique way all your own?

• As mentioned, you can create a warm and cozy atmosphere by choosing darker shades for your ceiling painting.

• Keep in mind that the room you’re painting the ceiling in will reflect light differently. A darker shade of paint colour will need more light. So make sure you have enough light fixtures. Or a large window to illuminate the space.

• If you want a bit of reflection the finish of your paint should be satin. Make sure the ceiling is perfectly painted or else the whole room will look bad.

• Good paint colour options for ceiling painting that aren’t white are pale peach, light blue, warm tan, burnt orange, and deep purple.

• If the room is awkwardly shaped then keep the wall and ceiling the same colour to improve the flow of the space.

Interior Wall and Ceiling Painting

How to Paint Ceiling Different Color Than Walls

If you want to paint the ceiling a different colour than your walls, but are not sure how to do it, then here are some tips:

• Select a colour that’s lighter than the wall colour. If your ceiling is already painted, you can use a paint sample card to find a lighter shade of the same colour. Or a complementary one. If you want more contrast between the two surfaces, choose white or off-white paint instead.

• Paint one wall a bright colour and then paint the rest of the walls in a neutral tone. This will create a nice contrast and make the ceiling look higher.

• If you are painting only one wall a different colour than your other ones, then choose a hue that is similar to your ceiling colour. So that they complement each other well.

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As you decide on a paint colour for your ceiling, keep in mind which ones can bring warmth to the room they’re used in. It’s not just the walls of your home that are important, ceiling painting can add another dimension that you weren’t even aware of! If you would like some more help choosing the paint, the professionals at Home Painters Toronto are exactly who you should call. Forget about painting the ceiling yourself, just pick a paint colour and let Home Painters Toronto do the rest! Give us a call today at 416-494-9095 or email us at Brian@HomePaintersToronto.comAnd don’t forget to follow us on all our social channels below as well!