How to Choose Paint Colour for a Small Condominium Bedroom

Choosing a paint colour for a small condominium bedroom offers endless choices so where should you begin? For a small condo bedroom, your paint colour should be the last thing to consider when planning its decor. Why? Paint comes in every colour imaginable, but bedroom furniture, bedding, flooring, art and accessories do not. 

Inspiration for decor can come from a myriad of things, from your favourite crayon as a kid to a colourful souvenir you picked up on your last vacation. The list is endless, really! 

How to Choose Paint Colour for a Small Condominium Bedroom

Understanding Colour Perception

The science of colour perception plays a pivotal role in how we experience spaces. Lighter colours, for instance, are renowned for their ability to make a room feel airier and more open. This is because light shades reflect more light, enhancing the overall luminosity of a space. Conversely, darker hues tend to absorb light, which can make a room feel cozier but potentially more confined.

The Role of Undertones

An often overlooked aspect of colour selection is the importance of undertones. Two seemingly similar light blue paints can have dramatically different effects on a room’s ambiance, depending on whether they carry a warm (yellow) or cool (blue) undertone. Warm undertones can imbue a space with a subtle sense of warmth and comfort, ideal for creating a cozy haven. Cool undertones, in contrast, offer a refreshing and serene atmosphere, perfect for a tranquil retreat.

Reflecting Personal Style

While the objective characteristics of colour are paramount, personal style must not be neglected. Your bedroom is a sanctuary, a reflection of your identity. Whether you are drawn to the minimalist elegance of Scandinavian design or the vibrant energy of bohemian interiors, the chosen colour should resonate with your aesthetic preferences. Striking a balance between the technical aspects of colour selection and personal taste is key to creating a space that feels both stylish and authentic.

Choose the software for decor first

Your bedroom furniture—the hardware—may be a good foundation for tones, but it’s generally the software for decor—fabric, art and accessories — that is a springboard for style. For example, a bedspread pattern or colour might bring delight to the beginning and end of your day. Or maybe you came across a rug that featured a canvas of colour. Painting and artwork are also ideal as a starting point for decor because finding all the other items is relatively easy, whereas finding the perfect picture is often the most difficult for a small condominium bedroom.

Choose all the software items first so that they work together to create a decor style that you find pleasing for your small condominium bedroom. Choose your paint colour last because any colour can be created and customized to tie everything together.

Choose your paint colour

When choosing a paint colour for small spaces, remember that dark colours make the bedroom seem smaller and light colours will make the bedroom appear larger. If the bedroom has a window, then the amount of sunlight will also influence the colour. Bring home swatches from the paint store and see how natural light affects the colour throughout the day.

If there is no bedroom window, consider the light bulbs you are using in your fixtures. Warm hues with a golden tone can make the colour look a lot different than the cool blue-tone bulbs. Study the differences when they’re on display in the store, but also bring one of each home with you to see how they cast light in your small condominium bedroom.

A small bedroom — or any bedroom for that matter — also offers the opportunity to pick your favourite paint colour that might otherwise not be appropriate for the rooms of your home where more people tend to congregate, such as your kitchen and living room. 

Practical Considerations

  1. Lighting: The natural and artificial lighting within the room will significantly impact how a paint colour appears. It’s advisable to test paint samples under various lighting conditions to ensure the colour remains appealing throughout the day.

  2. Room Size and Layout: Pale, cool shades can visually expand a small bedroom, making it appear more spacious. To add depth and interest to a compact space, consider painting one wall a slightly darker shade or incorporating colourful accents through decor.

  3. Furniture and Decor: The colour of the walls should harmonize with existing or planned furniture and decor. A cohesive colour scheme can unify the space, enhancing its aesthetic appeal and perceived size.

  4. Flexibility: Opt for a palette that offers flexibility. Neutral tones serve as a versatile backdrop, accommodating future changes in decor styles or colour preferences.

Common Pitfalls to Avoid

  • Overwhelming with dark, saturated colours can make the space feel cramped.

  • Neglecting to sample paint colours in situ, leads to unexpected results.

  • Disregarding the psychological effects of colour, which can profoundly impact mood and well-being.

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Choosing the right paint colours for small bedrooms requires a careful balancing act. By considering the interplay of light, the significance of undertones, and the expression of personal style, alongside practical constraints, you can transform a modest bedroom into a delightful retreat that feels spacious and inviting. Remember, the ultimate goal is to create a harmonious and functional space that reflects your unique tastes and supports your lifestyle.

In closing, the journey to finding the perfect paint colour is both an art and a science, melding aesthetic sensibilities with strategic considerations to achieve a result that is both visually and functionally satisfying.

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How to Choose Paint Colour for a Small Condominium Bedroom

You can be much more dramatic with small condominium bedroom colours because it’s a private space so feature the paint colour you love that’s less neutral if you like — whether it’s the vivid red of a maple leaf in fall or the bold blue of the Maple Leafs hockey team.

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