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Top Colours For Exterior Brick Paint and Stain

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Top Colours For Exterior Brick Paint and Stain

Sometimes it’s not the interior of our homes that need a face lift, but the exterior. You might find yourself feeling uninspired when you pull into your driveway and tired of looking at the same old brick. Luckily, you can completely revamp the outside of your home with some exterior brick paint or stain! You would be amazed at how a simple stain or paint job on your exterior brick can really work to modernize your home and improve curb appeal.

If you’re unsure of what direction to go in for the exterior brick paint colour or stain, one of the easiest things to do is to take a little tour. Simply go for a nice slow paced drive around your neighborhood and make note of what you like and what doesn’t quite jive with your tastes. Always consider the architecture of the homes you’re taking in as well as your own. That can make a difference in terms of what colours might genuinely complement the structure of your home. You can always open Pinterest or Houzz and just take in all of the different inspiration as well!

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Should you pick exterior brick paint or stain?

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A popular question that is often asked by clients is whether or not they should choose exterior brick paint or stain. They wonder what the differences are between the two, if any exist. An expert recommendation is that exterior brick staining actually offers a greater longevity. Exterior brick paint can last a long time too, but when you choose brick stain, it basically becomes a part of the brick.

If you’re looking to see if your exterior bricks are even ready to withstand a stain, you can always do the tried and true water test. Basically, it just means that if you splash some water on your bricks, if it doesn’t absorb the water, you’re good to go ahead with the exterior brick stain. If there’s already a sealant or stain on your bricks, you’ll likely have to go with exterior brick paint as a new stain wouldn’t absorb properly.

What if you’re not a fan of the hue of your brick?

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This is where the fun really starts — picking out the colour! There are so many colours to choose from too. First, if you’re thinking of brick stain, one thing to consider is whether you should go semi-transparent or solid. Generally, if you’re happy with the look of your bricks and you want to change the hue, go with semi-transparent. By going with semi-transparent, you’re keeping the integrity of the brick, but just changing the colour.

Maybe you have an older pink brick that is in good condition, but you’re just tired of the hue. A nice terracotta semi-transparent stain will work to make it look like a nice red brick. This also works well if you have an older colour style like a washed out white or beige and want to update to gray. There are definitely ways to update your bricks without going the traditional painting route.

Top colours for exterior brick paint or stain

It seems like bold neutrals are here for the 2020 season! There’s a certain amount of strength and sophistication that comes along with these paint colours. Grays are a great place to start. Thundercloud Gray 2124-40 is a great mid-tone gray that’s cool, simple and classic. If you want to go a little bit lighter, Gentle Gray 1626 is a nice gray that possesses a soft blue undertone. These paint colours look amazing against white trim and features as well.

If you’re not afraid to go darker, which is very popular this season, charcoal could be your colour. Kendall Charcoal HC-166 is a great choice if you want an exterior brick paint that’s rich, luxurious and deep. Charcoals also look amazing with muted black or simple black trims as well.

Speaking of black, muted blacks are in for 2020 too. Black Satin 2131-10 is a nice choice because it’s a black that’s just slightly softened but still bold. On the other end of things, Simply White 2143-70 is a crisp and clean white that’s still fresh and modern.

Lastly, warm taupes are popular this season for exterior brick paint and stain too. If you want something slightly lighter but still warm, Waynesboro Taupe 1544 is one to consider. If you want to go a bit more towards brown, which is still on trend, Fairview Taupe HC-85 is a pretty choice as well.

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