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How to Re-Stucco Your Ceiling if There is A Water Stain

It’s easy to re-stucco your ceiling if there is a water stain. Did you notice a water stain on your stucco ceiling? Don’t despair. Repairing and applying stucco or popcorn ceiling to your ceiling isn’t as difficult as you might think. Sure, it’s a little more work than repairing a flat ceiling, but on the flip side, stucco or popcorn ceiling is able to hide drywall and taping imperfections better which can actually make the job easier.

Flat ceilings are in style right now, but there are still many benefits of a popcorn ceiling. Besides providing better acoustic insulation, stucco texture ceilings also do a great job hiding flaws in drywall taping.


Whether you are applying a brand new textured ceiling, or simply repairing one location, there are a few application methods to choose from.

Spray-On To Re-Stucco Ceiling

A common method for applying a textured ceiling is to spray it on.

Roll-On Texture To Re-Stucco Your Ceiling

To roll on a texture ceiling, you will need to use a texture paint and a roller called a loop roller. Instead of a soft nap, a loop roller is made with a more fibrous nap that is suitable for spreading heave paint.

Instructions to Re-Stucco Your Ceiling If There is a Water Stain

  1. Find the Source of the Water – This is a very important step that should not be missed. After all, if you do not repair the source of the water, the stain could just return. Possible causes of water stains in a ceiling include a leaky pipe, a small leak from the roof and condensation. A dry stain means the problem has most likely been fixed, but it is still good to find out. Repair the source of the leak. You may need to apply a piece of drywall if you had to cut into the ceiling.
  2. Prepare the Area – This can be a messy job so it is important to lay a drop cloth on the ground, and cover anything that potentially could get paint on it.
  3. Safety First – You will want to wear protective glasses and a mask over your mouth. You might also wish to wear gloves.
  4. Remove Old Popcorn – If you didn’t need to access anything through the ceiling, you will simply want to scrape off the stain from the ceiling.
  5. Spray on the Texture – If you are using the spray-on method, you will want to find Spray Popcorn Ceiling in a spray can. Shake it well. Hold the can approximately 12 inches from the ceiling and begin spraying. You will want to do quick strokes. Continue working in back and forth strokes of spraying until the area is covered.
  6. Roll On the Texture – If you chose a roll-on product, you will simply apply the roll on texture ceiling to your roller and then gently roll onto the ceiling. Apply lightly and go over as needed. It is much better to build up the texture than to do it in one big coat. When rolling on texture, it is important to roll in one direction only, and not to go back and forth like you might when painting a wall.

If the water stain is small, dry, and does not seem to be caused by a leak that needs repaired, you can simply re-paint over the current area with a ceiling paint that is the same colour.

Additional Tips For Your Stucco Ceiling

Primer – Stucco is porous, so it’s always important to prime the ceiling before painting. Again, use a thick nap roller.

Painting vs Spraying – Whether you choose to spray on the stucco or roll on the stucco is largely a personal choice. Spraying can be quicker, and can be a great choice for larger areas. But, you may still need to roll or brush on the paint in smaller areas that spraying cannot reach. Some people find it easier to roll it on. This is because it can provide more consistent results.

Need to Re-Stucco Your Ceiling If There is A Water Stain? When to Call the Professionals

When dealing with water stains before you re-stucco your ceiling, sometimes it is best to call the professionals. That way you can properly assess and fix the source of the water damage. Home Painters Toronto’s crew includes handyman services so it’s a one call fix. Give us a call and we will provide a quote to assess, fix and re-stucco your ceiling. We have years of experience and will ensure your ceiling looks its best.

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