How much should it cost to paint my deck? Well, that depends! It depends on the size of your deck, the health and quality of it and what kind of shape it’s in. There are many reasons why you should paint your deck, and how it can actually save you money in the end.

We are here to help! If you’re looking for a quote for painting your deck, we offer a no obligation estimate for you, and we can answer any questions you may have.

Benefits When I Paint My Deck

Small changes to improve the exterior of your house can absolutely boost the curb appeal of your home when it comes time to sell. However, this can be a labour intensive process and can turn out bad and peel or crack if it’s not done properly. We recommend always get a professional opinion before tackling a big project on your own, particularly exterior projects.

If you’re inexperienced with the DIY projects, this may not be the time to take on a project of this size. If there is any damage to the deck or wood that needs to be repaired before painting, a professional can handle it quickly and efficiently.

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A home with a well-maintained backyard and deck offers more usable space for homeowners and potential buyers, maximizing the value of your plot of land.

Any potential buyer will appreciate the care and love you’ve put into the exterior of your home, and it won’t go unnoticed. Potential buyers pay close attention to the details around the home, and they appreciate the effort put into these features.

How to Paint My Deck and Save Money

Repainting or staining your deck or fence can be up to 90% cheaper than replacing it, and keeping up on the maintenance is crucial to this process, because you can take care of little issues before they become big problems. Not only that, but it can keep you from having to replace or rebuild for years to come. Inspecting the exterior of your home in its entirety is always a good idea for preventative measures.

Prolong My Deck’s Quality

Most stains act as water-sealants, which will protect your deck or fence from the effects of weather  since rain and snow can warp or rot the wooden boards.
Toronto has some very distinct seasons, and you want to make sure your home is protected entirely.

Painting or staining protects wood boards from water, but it also strengthens it to defend against the normal wear and tear of exterior surfaces, extending the life of your deck or fence.

By pairing the protective properties of paint with thorough preparation of the area, including replacing or repairing any cracked or rotted boards, you will achieve even better protection from water and external factors.

If you are looking at having your deck painted, try to hire a professional in the springtime. Spring is the ideal type of weather for exterior home projects as it’s not too hot, not too cold and your paint job will have the best chance to dry properly in this weather. Summer is the busiest time for contractors and painters, so get your deck painted before summertime comes around, and you can host get together and BBQ’s without having to worry about the quality of your deck, because it’ll look amazing.

You only get one chance to make a first impression, and we have the experience to make sure it’s a great one. We at Home Painters Toronto know what home buyers and real estate agents are looking for. We’ve been doing this for over twenty-five years. We can help you pick colours, give suggestions on curb appeal and outdoor trends, and ultimately update the exterior of your home, and we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee – we’re not happy until you’re happy!

We offer staining in clear transparent, semi-transparent, and solid stain. All three staining applications have their own merits, and we’ll make sure that we give you the right advice for your situation. While there are dozens of products on the market, we like to use Behr, Benjamin Moore, and Dulux stains.

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