Colour Theory – Modern Or Classic Style?

Are you more modern or classic style?

We have found there are usually two main schools of thoughts in terms of picking out interior paint colours. Ask yourself if in terms of aesthetics and design, are you more of a traditional or classic style person or do your tastes run more modern and contemporary? Sometimes, it’s not quite that simple, but the majority of the time, things can be broken down in this way.

More classic?

From there, we find that it can often put your taste into two general areas. If you consider yourself more classic style, think about the whites, beiges and taupe-beiges and even black because they never go out of style. Popular paint colour choices that we use time and time again are Maritime White, Feather Down and Muslin. All of these colours exist in the taupe-beige range and work to beautifully warm up a space.

more modern?

If you’re someone who would describe your taste as modern, you’re likely to fall in love with a neutral gray. Neutral grays are picked time and time again because they’re different from white or cream. And they’re still a great impartial backdrop that can easily fit into any style or motif. Popular paint choices for a nice neutral gray include Silver Satin and Cloud Cover, which hit more so in the taupe-gray range. If you’re looking for a cooler gray, Gray Owl works well too.

maybe you want something a little different…

If these two schools of thought don’t quite consider what you’re looking for and you’re really looking to go bold, consider a smaller space where you can offer up more personality. A master bathroom or powder room or even a sitting room are great places to play with pops of colour. Even in these small spaces, you won’t find yourself overwhelmed when you make a bolder colour choice because it usually just fits.

If you want to bring forth some personality into one of your larger living spaces, consider an accent wall. It’s a unique way to break up a traditional look of all four walls being the exact same colour. And like we said, it’s an interesting way to play with colour without overwhelming the space.

other considerations

Some other items to consider on the ‘is this your colour’ journey? Think about all of the different details and features of your room. If you’re looking to revamp your kitchen area, consider the cabinets, tiles and the back splash. If you’re looking at repainting your living room, there are some things to consider. Think about the finishing of the floor and what would work with your already existing furniture. Everything in your room and what makes it complete can work to make it or break it in terms of picking the right colour.

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