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It seems everything nowadays requires a “hack” to get things done as efficiently and quickly as possible, and that includes painting in one day. There are countless videos on YouTube on how to hack your paint jobs so they take less time, but less time doesn’t mean a better paint job. These videos fail to show you prep, clean up and the repair of damaged walls before painting, and usually have a team of people working to get this done.


why should avoid one day painting

There are circumstances where painting in one day will happen naturally, depending on the size of your house, the size of the room you’re painting and how much ventilation there is will all factor into the time it will take to paint, but you should avoid going into any DIY project with the mindset of getting it done over quality.

Prep Work

Prep work might be the most important part of the job, as you are preparing your canvas and you want to make sure you fix any damage before you paint, as a new paint job will amplify any blemishes. If you’re inexperienced with prep work, and you have a lot of spots on your walls that need fixing, this part of the process can take a full day in itself. Preparing a room, moving your furniture, patching your walls, sanding, dusting and cleaning can take a significant amount of time.


Primer is a huge part of this process as well, and once you’ve done all the prep and repair work, primer is key. It will help prolong the life of your paint, keep moisture out of your walls to prevent damage and it blocks stains and odors. Don’t skip this part of the process to save time, as you’ll pay for it later on.

Primer can take 1-3 hours to dry on average, but this changes based on the brand, your weather (If it’s too hot outside or too cold) and the level of humidity prolongs drying time. You never want to paint over primer that is not fully dry, so don’t take your chances, as you’ll mess up your entire paint job. Take your time and leave the primer to dry longer than necessary to be 100% sure.


Almost always, you’ll need two to three coats of paint for a pristine finish, and if you’re using a dark shade, you’ll want at the very least two coats to get it to the true colour that you want. Again, depending on the brand, the weather and the humidity where you’re painting, these factors can all contribute to dry times. You want to ensure the first coat of paint has cured properly and won’t muck up your second coat of paint, or you’ll be in trouble. You should leave at least 5 hours between coats, but we would recommend a full 24 hours between coats to be safe.

one day painting issues.

Although paint isn’t permanent, we don’t want you to spend all the time and money you will when painting a room in your home just to have to redo the paint job or bring in a professional to fix your mistakes. Rushing a paint job is never a good idea, so make sure if you want to take on a project like this, you give yourself enough time to get it done the right way. If you don’t want to take on this project, and you want to hire a professional from the get go, give us a call.

With Home Painters Toronto, depending on the size of your house, exterior jobs generally take 1-3 days. Interior jobs generally take 1-5 days. In both cases, jobs are always started and finish in consecutive days. Days are never taken off once a job has begun unless there are unforeseen circumstances.

Unforeseen circumstances include weather conditions, customer requests, or if other renovators are involved occupying the space.

Home Painters Toronto was founded in 1991 as a residential interior painting company in Toronto and now is considered one of the top-rated Toronto painting contractors. Interior residential painting in Toronto is a booming industry and comprises up to 80% of our work.

If you have a plan to paint or renovate your house, town home or bungalow in Toronto and the GTA, Call Home Painters Toronto for a free cost estimate. We are fast, clean, efficient, and take great pride in our work. Give us a call at 416-494-9095  or email us at [email protected] for your FREE quote, and learn more as to why you should avoid painting in one day – we are here to serve you 24/7.

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