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Painting The Ceiling In A Bathroom 

Any painting in the bathroom can be a bit tricky. Not only is it usually one of the smaller spaces in your house, but it gets really moist and humid in there too. Particularly, painting bathroom ceilings tends to be the part that intimidates a lot of people. Perhaps because you tend to deal with a lot of peeling bathroom paint issues prior to painting.

The good news is that there are efficient ways for painting bathroom ceilings. You can very easily hire a professional painting company, like Home Painters Toronto, or you can do this job yourself. We’re here to help guide you through all the details on painting the ceiling in a bathroom!

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Prep work for ceiling paint peeling

Prior to the actual task of painting bathroom ceilings, you always need to be sure to prep the area properly. If there was ceiling paint peeling in the bathroom, you need to be sure to repair that area. Peeling bathroom paint is not something you just want to paint right over.

Fixing up peeling ceiling paint might sound like a really tough gig, but it’s actually just a few easy steps. Firstly, you’re going to want to scrape off those peeling parts from the ceiling and then sand them down. Once the area is smooth, you’re going to want to patch them up with some Sheetrock. From there, you simply give the area a good sand again and prime it. A quality primer, like Benjamin Moore Fresh Start Primer is recommended. If you want the full scoop on how to fix peeling ceiling paint, visit here!

Prep work for painting bathroom ceiling

Before starting any painting job, it’s just as important to do the proper prep work as it is to do a nice job painting! If there’s no ceiling paint peeling to tend to, you’re going to want to make sure to wipe down your bathroom ceiling well. You want to give it a decent cleaning to ensure any excess mildew and dirt buildup is removed. A good DIY cleaning solution for your bathroom ceiling is three parts water to one part bleach.

After cleaning the bathroom ceiling, this is when you’re going to want to tape off any corners of the walls. This will help prevent any mess or bleeding through, especially if it’s just the ceiling the needs a refresh. Also, be sure to put down drop cloths on the floor, bathtub and counter-tops as well.

Bathroom ceiling painting: primer & paint

One thing that is a major concern for a lot of people who are painting the ceiling in a bathroom, is what kind of paint to use. This is going to make a huge difference in how your paint holds up over time. Since bathrooms are exposed to water, mildew and steam day in and day out, you need a paint that was designed to withstand those conditions.

If you go with Benjamin Moore’s Kitchen & Bath paint, which we expertly recommend, it actually already has primer in it. Another option is their Aura Bath and Spa paint as well. This paint is specially designed to be mildew resistant, even in the most humid conditions. Glidden One Coat Interior Paint & Primer is another great option as it’s a high coverage premium paint and holds up well in humid spaces.

Last few painting tips

A few things to remember along the way when you’re painting your bathroom ceiling:

  • Get the right paint for the job! Use a high quality paint that’s made to withstand mildew and moisture.
  • When you are actually painting your bathroom ceiling, it’s best to start in the corners. You can work your way across the room once you have those small areas taken care of.
  • Also, be sure to let the paint dry in your bathroom for a good 24 hours. This will help to prevent any peeling bathroom paint later on.
  • If you have windows or a fan, get that cross ventilation going as well!

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