Bathroom ceilings are susceptible to damage due to the moisture in the air after taking warm showers. We use our bathrooms every day (hopefully) and are an essential room for guests and visitors. You don’t want mould and peeling paint to be the scenery when someone has to go.

The best paint for steamy bathroom ceilings depends on various factors. There are many questions before doing the job; bathroom ceilings endure many hardships than their fellow interior paint design subordinates; here are some common questions answered regarding painting your bathroom ceiling.

how to repaint bathroom ceiling

Why Paint Won’t Stick to Bathroom Ceilings?

If you ever glanced up and noticed that your bathroom ceiling paint is peeling, it can either mean one or two things.

1. Bad adhesion on the primer or final coat.

2. the ceiling is not clean.

Bathroom ceilings get neglected because of stains on the main floors but require the homeowner’s immediate attention. Having clean and durable ceilings is vital in keeping your interior paint design healthy and stable.

These two scenarios are common in the average bathroom. With the added moisture and humidity element, the paint job done before was inevitably going to peel. Things to do to as prep for your bathroom ceiling include:

  • • Scrape sections where paint and primer are susceptible
  • • Sand the ceiling with care
  • • Use cloth to wipe off any dust remaining
  • • If you used a contractor, contact them before doing anything
  • • Determine if your ceiling is drywall or plaster; plaster requires more prep

Do I Need to Prime Bathroom Ceilings?

If you notice peeling on your bathroom ceiling, chances are, the original priming job was not well done. If the ceiling is staining more and more each day due to water leaks or moisture, you need to use a primer to make sure this does not happen again. If you are afraid that the paint you apply won’t stick to the bathroom ceiling, then use these tips:

  • • Use a top of the line primer to ensure quality
  • • If using oil-based paint, make sure primer is compatible
  • Sherwin-Williams offers a vast selection of primers to choose from
  • • Applying one coat of primer is all it takes
  • • Wait 15-20 minutes for drying before starting to paint

What Kind of Paint Do You Use On a Bathroom Ceiling?

You may think that using paint for walls, doors and trims may be suitable for your bathroom ceiling, but do not do this. browse around the internet, you want to look for the best paint for steamy bathroom ceilings. Paint companies like Benjamin Moore offer bathroom specific paint for you do-over; it is paramount you use this kind of paint for your bathroom ceilings; the benefits include:

  • • Specialized bathroom ceiling paint endures humidity and moisture.
  • • It is washable.
  • • Have anti-mould properties that’s formula is explicitly for bathrooms.
  • • Retains its colour and finish without comprise.

How to Go About Repainting Bathroom Ceiling

interior painting on a ceiling and painting white wall using roller by home painters toronto

You have now ensured the priming and specialized paint for your bathroom ceiling, the fun part comes. Repainting a bathroom ceiling can be an enjoyable thing when done correctly; the essential thing to ensure is that you have an anti-mould paint to resist your bathroom’s humidity. Once you get the paint situation handled, all there is left to do is paint.

  • • Have a legitimate/durable ladder; you don’t want to get injured in your bathroom, although it would be quite the story at a party.
  • • Use a paintbrush to paint around lights, corners, fans and edges.
  • • Use roller and paint tray and apply first coat.
  • • Keep roller wet.
  • • Apply a second coat and wait to dry.

How to repaint a bathroom ceiling takes time and effort. Now you are set to have a finished bathroom ceiling that will last you countless years. It is essential to consider all these questions before acting; if you hired a contractor, make sure they are doing all the necessary steps listed above.

Suppose you are having trouble finding the right paint to compliment your bathroom walls and overall theme. In that case, Aura® Waterborne Interior Paint is continuing to get rave reviews from users and will do the job. Extreme Bond Primer has excellent reviews for primers and ensures your paint will stick to your ceiling without peeling.

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