The Best Paint For Kitchen Cabinets

Have you found yourself looking around your kitchen lately and feeling uninspired? It’s okay. That happens every so often, especially in spaces that you use the most. For a lot of families, the kitchen is usually the heart of the home. You eat together and spend time telling each other about your day in that space. So, when it’s looked the same for a while, it’s perfectly normal to grow a bit tired of your surroundings. One thing to think about when it comes to refreshing things is kitchen cabinet painting.


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If you’re looking to revamp your kitchen, one of the best ways is to paint your kitchen cabinets. You would be surprised by just how much doing something so simple, like kitchen cabinet painting, can make a huge difference. If you’re concerned about what the best paint for kitchen cabinets is, we’re here to guide you through the process. So, let’s dig into all the details on the best paint for kitchen cabinets!


Kitchen Cabinet Painting: Prep Work

Before you even get to kitchen cabinet painting, there is some prep work to be done. You’re going to want to remove all of your kitchen cabinet doors from their hinges. They’re going to be a lot easier to prime and paint once they are removed from the cabinetry. Some people might want to just leave them on, but you’ll get a smoother and less sloppy finish if you remove them.

It’s also important to take the time to really wipe down and clean your kitchen cabinets before painting as well. Kitchens tend to be an area of the house where a lot of grim and dirt can start to accumulate. What with all of the cooking that goes on in the kitchen, it’s no wonder that the cabinets get dirty. So, it’s best to clean them up and get off any stuck on stains and food grease that have taken up residence prior to starting your kitchen cabinet painting.


Kitchen Cabinet Painting: Sand and Prime

Of course, most decent paint jobs require sanding and priming prior to the paint work and kitchen cabinet painting isn’t any different. When you’re sanding your kitchen cabinets, it’s important not to use a sandpaper that possesses too high of a grit. You want to gently rough up the surfaces of the cabinets, but not fully scratch them. So, a medium grit is the optimal choice. This step is just to ensure a decent surface for the primer and paint to adhere to.


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As far as priming your kitchen cabinets, Sherwin Williams Extreme Bond Primer always gets the job done. Another decent option is the ADVANCE Interior Paint Primer (K790) from Benjamin Moore. It goes on smoothly and possesses nice adhesion. Plus, it was formulated to actually block and resist household stains, which makes it ideal for kitchen cabinet painting. Some people like to give the cabinets another light sanding after the first coat of primer, but it’s really up to you. Just be sure to let your primer dry for at least 24 hours before moving on to the kitchen cabinet painting step.


Best Paint for Kitchen Cabinets

When it comes to the best paint for kitchen cabinets, you want to be sure you’re using premium paint that is going to hold up. It’s also a consideration to make sure you have a paint that stands up against the grease and grime of the kitchen.

Our expert recommendation is Benjamin Moore’s SCUFF-X in either Pearl or Semi-Gloss. It’s a latex paint that works to be scuff resistant, which is exactly what you want for kitchen cabinets. After all, they are constantly being opened and closed. It’s also a washable paint that’s made to be able to wipe clean. This criteria is exactly what you want to be thinking about when choosing the best paint for your kitchen cabinets.


Paint Colour That’s Best For Kitchen Cabinets

The really fun part is thinking about what colour you want for your kitchen cabinet painting! Of course, a lot of people right now are going for white because it’s seamless, modern and clean. A good choice for a clean white is Chantilly Lace as it’s silky and creamy yet still very clean. Of course, if you want to play things up just a bit, you might consider a gray for your kitchen cabinets. Homburg Gray from Sherwin Williams is deep and beautiful but still works to provide that nice modern edge.


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Another option that’s popular this 2020 season for kitchen cabinet painting is deeper colours. For instance, deep teal blues like Adriatic Blue is huge right now because it’s dramatic, bold and looks really amazing with gold features. Beautiful greens that look natural yet alluring, like Palace Green are a popular choice as well. This type of colour for your kitchen cabinet paint can really give a sense of cozy and warm feel to the heart of your home.

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