Fall Backyard: Ways To Extend Your Patio Season

Fall Backyard: Ways To Extend Your Patio Season

With the temperatures dropping soon, we all might feel the need to rapidly scramble inside. The thing is though, there is something to be said about spending time outdoors in the fall. With the beautiful changing leaves to having crisp barbecues with friends, there’s no reason not to enjoy your fall backyard!

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We have all sorts of great ideas on how you can extend your patio season with a spectacular fall backyard. And don’t forget, if you want some deck staining or deck painting done, you can always consult professional exterior house painters. All it takes is a little bit of planning and ingenuity and you’ll be sipping hot apple cider on your patio all the way until December!

Fall patio ideas: Deck paint colours

One way to ensure that you spend time outdoors in the autumn season is by stepping up your deck game. There is certainly still time for a little exterior painting in September and October. You just have to plan accordingly and stay inspired to build the fall backyard of your dreams!

When it comes to a little deck painting and redo, it can be fun to think about different deck paint colours. After all, if you’re looking to spend extra time outside, you need a fall backyard that inspires you. Going dark brown for deck paint colours, like Tudor Brown, is all the rage this season. Also, if you want to go really modern with your deck paint colours, Platinum Gray is a nice choice. There are so many amazing deck staining colours to choose from as well. Remember, if you’re not up to the deck painting work yourself, you can always hire professional house painters to do the job. Really, when you’re thinking of the best ideas for your fall backyard, the possibilities are endless!

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Fall backyard ideas: Add a fire pit

If you’re thinking how you can extend the life of your patio and have a fall backyard you want to spend time in, adding in a backyard fire pit could be just the ticket! Not only can you gather around a fire pit and roast marshmallows as a group, but it will also help to keep you warm when the temperature starts to dip.

This stone round fire pit kit with bricks is ideal for those who want to go the more traditional route.  If you want something a little more snazzy, this Style Selections Wood-Burning Round Fire Pit from Lowes is a beauty. It’s durable and contained, so it’s a great choice for a fall backyard.

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Fall backyard: Create an outdoor room

Maybe this was the exact thing you were looking to do in the summer months, but it never got fully accomplished. When you’re looking to make some fall patio ideas that really set you apart from the crowd, creating an inviting outdoor room can be so much fun. The first thing you need is some super comfy outdoor furniture. This Gymax 4 Piece Rattan Conversation Furniture Set from Walmart is beautiful as well as functional for a fall backyard.

Also, you might consider what your deck might look like with a patio pergola. Pergolas are a fairly simple structure to build and might only take you a weekend to really achieve your finished results. Not only do they provide some shading for sunny backyards, but they can really work to achieve that whole ‘outdoor room’ vibe for a fall backyard.

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Fall backyard: Other details to consider…

Some other details you might consider bringing into your fall backyard in order to extend your patio season is using a patio heater. They’re amazing to warm up your deck area in the fall months if you’re having friends over for a barbecue or small gathering. This Outdoor Patio Heater from Home Depot is the perfect size and super easy to use.

Also, don’t be afraid to use your fall patio in the evenings as well. There is nothing like a crisp autumn evening to make you feel all cozy inside and ready for the months to come. If you want to enjoy your fall backyard fully, you might opt to up your outdoor lighting game. This Vintage Style Outdoor Commercial Patio String Lights from Amazon looks really cool attached to a fence or deck. Can you say ‘perfect fall backyard ambiance’?

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