Painting Tips to Improve Your Office Productivity

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Colours can boost productivity, which is why corporate offices choose the best wall colours to set a productive work environment. Before starting construction and painting, companies begin to look for colours and have painters apply the finishes in preparation for hiring employees. If you’re planning to set up an office with several employees or a home office for work, here are some Office Paint Colors Ideas conducive to productivity that many companies choose.

 Choosing The Best Paint Colour for a Productive, Inspiring Offices

Green Colour Has a Stress-Relieving Effects on Your Office

Green colored office

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Green is regarded as a therapeutic colour. It is known to relieve stress, which helps a person calm. On this note, many individuals take time to nature sightseeing trips to appreciate the green colour shades highlighted by the environment.

Many commercial offices use green for their workplaces due to its stress-relieving effects. By eliminating stress, employees will find their minds free from negative thoughts, ultimately leading them to concentrate more on their tasks. Aside from stress relieving properties, it can stimulate mental processes, which aids mental alertness for daunting office tasks.

The good thing about choosing green is most shades will work in promoting a productive work environment, allowing companies to match their preferred design.


Blue = Best Color for Hi-Tech Offices

blue colored office

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Similarly with green, blue is one of the most productive colours for offices. Blue and green can stimulate thinking, but the primary colour is labelled as the best paint color for offices that process highly technical tasks that require brainstorming or brainwork. Accounting and law firms will highly benefit from this colour.

On the down side, blue can be quite cold and gloomy, which may affect some employers’ temperament. A little tweak on design and colour combination using furniture will give the office a balanced look that works for everyone.


Need Concentration? Paint your Offices Yellow

yellow colored offices

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Contrary to what most people think, yellow is actually a recommended colour for concentration boost—as long as muted tones are used for painting. Extremely bright yellows will backfire, causing distraction because of their bold appeal.

Aside from concentration, experts recommend yellow for boosting creativity. This colour can stimulate confidence and optimism, which are vital components of creativity. Yellow is highly recommended for offices that require creative think at all times like advertisement firms.



white colored office

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White may look plain, but it is a good colour for offices because of its ability to make a room larger. Included as among the productive office colours, promoting a larger space will somehow give employees a good breathing space. It will make them more comfortable and work efficiently.






neutral colored office

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Neutrals like gray is also a good choice for preventing office distractions. However, many offices don’t often choose this colour as it might make the office look gloomy. The good thing is neutral colors can be ideal background colours that will blend perfectly with other office furnishings or equipment.





Wall colours may seem like background palettes for offices, but they offer more benefits in terms of boosting productivity. Start setting a productive work environment in your office or home through this colour. Call us now at 416 494 9095 OR email us at and we will be happy to assist you in any way possible for your office painting project or a free commercial painting cost estimate!

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