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Interior Painting: Adding Your Love Of Travel Into Your Space

Interior Painting_ Adding Your Love Of Travel Into Your Space

Are you an avid traveler who brings home so much inspiration from their time abroad? Maybe in this current climate, you’re not able to travel as much or at all even. That doesn’t mean you just stop thinking or dreaming about all of the magical locales you’ve seen in the world! Whether you love the culture or the food or the architecture, it can all add up to major interior painting and decor inspiration.

For the individuals who find themselves simply buzzing when they’re in a new place, it makes sense to want to bring that into your home. There are lots of subtle ways you can play with paint colour and decor options in this respect too. You don’t have to go super bold and have different flags hanging around your space!

To learn more about how you can incorporate your love of travel into your interior painting and home decor, keep reading!

Interior Painting Inspiration: Think Architecture & Texture! 

Did you travel to Greece and absolutely fall in love with the converted caves of Santorini? Or maybe you visited Italy and totally fell for all the classical features. Perhaps it’s the eclectic mix of the buildings along the canals of Amsterdam that really sticks out.

From those architectural features, think of the feelings they brought you while taking them in. Did the creamy stone walls of Greece make you think of another time? Perhaps you can work to highlight the brick wall in your living room to give off similar vibes.

Maybe you can’t stop thinking about a gorgeous wood barn you caught a glimpse of in the French countryside. This is when you think about bringing in those elements with coffee tables and other furniture to bring in those same textures.

Interior painting inspiration_ think architecture & texture!
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If you’re looking to go a bit more bold with your interior painting

Maybe you visiting Japan a few years back and can’t stop thinking about all of the temples and shrines. Caliente from Benjamin Moore is a vibrant red that’s strong and full of energy. Even painting a single wall this colour could be the perfect ode to your time in Japan.

Do you remember your time spent in Morocco fondly? Maybe it’s the bold design aesthetics that really stand out in your mind. This is exactly where you can really play with interior painting colours. Osage Orange is a bright choice that’s sure to remind you of all the beautiful textiles you found in Morocco!

Interior Painting – Think Colours and Mood

For this one, we all want to avoid the tackiness of the whole ‘beachy trend’ by not going literal with your love of the Bahamas. Also, just because you loved Greece, doesn’t mean you have to decorate everything in navy and cream! With interior painting and giving a nod to your love of travel, this is where you simply want to tickle the senses. You don’t want to completely overwhelm things and over-saturate a space.

Did you travel to Paris and fall in love with the overall sophistication and quaint outdoor cafes that fill the streets? Or maybe it was the romance that spoke to you. If you want modern sophistication, Gray Pinstripe is a beautiful and rich almost charcoal colour. To air on the side of whimsical romance with your interior painting, First Light is a gorgeous tranquil light pink. You could even try this colour as an accent wall feature if you don’t want to paint the whole room.

We spoke of feeling an affinity for Greece earlier. How can you not think of the rich and creamy colours of the converted caves in Santorini? White Heron is one of the top colour picks of the year from Benjamin Moore. It’s airy, light and gives off just the right amount of colour. Can’t you just picture this paint colour in a taverna in Greece?

Interior painting - Think colours and mood

Other little design tips & details!

If you really want to bring in all of those travel memories into your home, be sure to shop a little when you’re away. A good tip is to ask the locals where the unique artisan goods reside, that way you can ensure that you’re not getting cheap knock-offs. Think textiles and household items like bowls and vases and you can bring home some distinctive custom pieces.

Also, you might want to think about the types of foliage and plants you saw in specific locales. Even if you want to go for some nice fake flowers, it can really heighten the mood. With the right flowers, you might feel as though you’re being transported back to Costa Rica!

Also, don’t forget to take lots of photos. And the really important part here is to actually have them printed off! Don’t just let all those precious and beautiful memories sit on your phone forever. You can think of a theme, order some cool frames and go to town creating a gallery wall.

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