Creative Staircase Painting Ideas

When renovating your home, don’t forget that there are many creative staircase painting ideas to consider. Staircases are often overlooked at the time of redesigning a home, which is unfortunate because there is so much potential!

This year, it’s time to take a look at your staircase and see what you can do with it. Ask yourself “How can I make my stairs more interesting?”. You may come up with some very creative stairway paint colour ideas that will be well worth the effort.

When planning on painting your staircase, look at the space it is in. Is it connected to a room, or is it on its own in a hallway? Is it fairly open or surrounded by walls, or wide or narrow? Looking at the space will help you determine how you will approach your staircase painting ideas.

If your staircase is connected to a room like a living room or kitchen, you will want to create a transition that works. You can have it contrast the room to stand out on its own, or you can complement the space and have it become an extension of the room. The point is, it doesn’t have to be boring. Read on for some creative staircase painting ideas.

Have Fun with Your Stairs


Whether you alternate colours for each step with contrasting colours or go monochromatic, your options are unlimited. You can make your stairs bright and colourful or neutral and subtle. Both will add depth to your space. Modern-painted stairs are great for adding a touch of colour to a minimalistic space. You can also use bold colours such as red, yellow or green to create an accent wall on your stairs. Have Fun with the Style.


You can make them thick or thin, the choice is up to you. Vertical stripes can be colourful or subtle. The risers can be painted in a variety of colours with the step of a neutral colour. There are a lot of choices with vertical stripes – don’t be afraid to be creative!


There is nothing boring about black and white. A combination of white spindles and risers with a black banister and stairs can be a classy touch to your home. If you aren’t feeling the black-and-white vibe, you can try other colours instead of black to brighten or change it up.


Not just a cool colour technique for your hair, an ombre can be a neat way to highlight your stairs. Start dark at the bottom and work your way up through various shades to become lighter at the top.

Staircase Painting

One colour

Find a bold colour that either contrasts or compliments your space and paint your whole staircase that colour to make a statement.

Colour wheel

Similar to ombre, choose a section of the colour wheel and use those colours to paint your stairs. The best part is that the colours will be different and will create a rainbow-like effect.

You can have fun playing with cool or warm colours, depending on where your staircase is located.

Painted runner

Instead of installing a runner on your staircase, paint one! You can have fun with stencils and patterns to create a unique runner or you can paint one colour down the centre. If you have natural wood stairs, consider making the runner and painting the edges white or a colour that matches your space. And If you paint a patterned runner, you can get really creative with deco (geometric) designs, folk art patterns, and tile art – there are many options out there.


A funky way to add depth to your stairs.

Painting Ideas for Staircase Walls

Don’t forget that the walls of your staircase have potential as well.

If you are in an older home and want to maintain that heritage feel, you can investigate colours that were appropriate to the period of your house. These colours can be your inspiration for your staircase and walls. Similarly, you can paint faux finishes on your walls that reflect the history of your home. Simulating the idea of painted planks or antiquing the walls are both neat effects that can complement your home’s heritage.

There is a lot of trim or framing details around your staircase, paint them a bold colour and your stairs neutral or white. Alternatively, you can paint your wall bold, and the stairs and trim a neutral or white colour. This is a fun take on traditional.

Patterned walls or blocks of colour on your walls can be used to accentuate hanging artwork or pictures. This is especially a great idea if you don’t have a lot to hang on the walls but want to give the illusion of a full space.  You are facing a darker stairwell, this can brighten up the space and make it more interesting.

Staircases Can Be Fun Too!

For many homes, your staircase is the first thing people might see when they come to your front door. How you paint them can be a unique way of showcasing your interests or personality. With so many staircase painting ideas to choose from, you can turn an otherwise utilitarian space into a statement area in your home.

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