How to Pick an Accent Wall for Painting Your Living Room

If you are in the market to change up your living room, there are several wall painting ideas that can help you out. While there are fun and cool colours out there to paint, one creative idea that can really make a difference is painting an accent wall.

Accent Wall for Painting

Accent walls are an easy and stylish way to paint various rooms throughout your home. There are unlimited options when it comes to colours, patterns, or designs. It really comes down to coordination and making sure you pick the right wall to accent your space.

Look at Your Space

If you are planning on painting an accent wall in your living room, it is important to make the right choice for your space. Some things to consider:

  1. DO look for one with architectural features. This can be a point of interest to highlight.
  2. DON’T pick the first room you see.
  3. DO choose a solid wall that doesn’t have doors or windows. They can be a distraction and compete with the statement you are trying to make.
  4. If you have a long room, DO paint the shortest wall farthest away. It will draw attention and make the shorter wall appear closer. Painting the longest will make the room seem even longer.
  5. If you have a living room that shares a wall with another room, like a kitchen or dining room, DON’T use that one. It will make the space seem disjointed and unbalanced.
  6. DO consider making your ceiling the accent wall. This is especially so when separated by white trim and molding. It can make the room feel stylish.

Wall Painting Ideas for Your Living Room

Think outside of the box. Look for inspiration in your space to help you find a colour or pattern that will work for your accent wall. Here are some ideas:

  1. You can work with bolder colours or more saturated colours to enhance the décor and accessories in your space.
  2. Bright colours found in a favourite pattern can really pop and highlight the pattern or object.
  3. Faux finishes can work wonders at evoking a different period or capture a mood.
  4. Metallic hues can bring out a contemporary vibe in your living room.
  5. If you are painting a neutral colour, try a darker shade of the same colour.
  6. Avoid painting a pure white wall. It can make the room feel stark and bare. If you want to go for a lighter choice, try a mid-tone with hints of grey to warm up the space.
  7. While it is best to avoid using a wall with windows, it can still work if you avoid going too dark, as you don’t want it to affect the light and brightness of the space.

The Wrong Wall Can Impact the Comfort of Your Living Room

An accent wall can be a conversation piece when done properly and in the right spot. It is great for entertaining for that reason. In a small or boxy room, it can create a sense of architecture and shape. It is a fantastic way to strategically control the focal point in the room.

If you already have a focal point in your living room, you can use an accent wall to highlight an already existing point of interest.

  1. Do you have a fireplace? Work with it to make it the point of interest.
  2. A statement piece of furniture, like a couch, can be highlighted with the right colour choice.
  3. A favourite piece of art or multiple pieces of art can work as a feature or focal point with the right paint colour underneath to make them stand out.
  4. Architectural features can add texture and a sense of depth to your space.

There are many painting ideas that can be a great way to highlight your personality without being overwhelming. Think of it as a way to bring texture and depth to your room, but also add a feeling of relaxation and calm. Now that you know the right wall to choose, enjoy bringing out your creative side when painting an accent wall in your living room.

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