Paint Ideas For Your Living Room

It doesn’t matter whether you have a large house or a small one, your living room remains a central, essential part of your home. The paint colour you choose for your living room can create a bold burst of flowing energy, or a soothing ambient atmosphere to lounge in. Whatever the choice, our helpful tips will help you to make the best decision!

1. Don’t Be Discouraged By A Small Living Room


  • Having a difficult time deciding which paint colour is best for your small living room makeovers? While the space itself may not be as big, the bright side is that smaller living spaces can handle anything you throw at them – if you consider every angle of the room including furniture and decorations.
  • Colours that can lend energy to a small living room include yellow-green, beige, and grey.
  • Calm and airy colours include pale shades of blue, green, grey, lavender, and brown.
  • Smaller living room spaces can even take bolder shades that are very bright or dark. Try using warmer shades of red, yellow, brown, orange, and reddish purple. You can contrast these shades by painting the ceiling a different colour from the walls. This may seem a bit scary, but if you really love these colours you can give them a chance to be appreciated and really focused on. People will be complimenting your well-designed paintjob rather than focusing on the size of the room.
  • Decorating a smaller living room with reflective items like glass, mirrors, and metal wall art can help your space appear bigger than it is. Don’t overcrowd a small room with big accessories like a large boxed-in coffee table or a huge couch.

2. A Big Living Room Means A Big Colour Punch

  • living room painting designAccent walls, bright and bold shades, and neutral shades are all feasible options for you if you have a larger living space. The walls can take darker shades without making the room feel closed in.
  • When thinking about accent walls bright red and orange or dark blue and purple are excellent choices. Remember to choose the wall that will be the main focus of the room. Painting the wall where the TV or fireplace is located a brighter shade can work wonders.
  • Try to stay away from pale colours unless you like the idea of painting the trim an even brighter shade to create an opposite effect. White is usually not a great choice for large living spaces because it makes the room appear to blend in too much, causing it to look very dull.
  • Decorating bigger living rooms with tall vases, big flowers, large candles, and big pieces of art is a good way to create an easy flow to the space as a whole.

3. Living Room Color Ideas

  • What does colour mean to you? How do certain shades make you feel when you’re surrounded by them? Do you have a paint colour that’s your favourite but definitely won’t agree with the room or the other people living in the house? These are only a few of the countless questions you could be asking yourself, but why put too many doubts in your head? Remember that painting the walls of a room is not a permanent action, and you can always change up the colours when you feel like it.
  • Find a complimentary shade for your room by taking a close look at the features in your living room. Do you have large wainscoting, windows, built-in bookcases, or arched doorways? If you do, you should find a colour that will play up these features nicely.
  • For example, you can choose a bright colour on the wall with the arched doorways and paint the trim white to create a visual statement that’s sure to draw focus. Others might suggest that you paint the moulding or doorways a shade darker or lighter than the primary wall, which will subtly draw your eye to the architectural features. A room with wainscoting can be painted with contrasting colours.
  • A quick and easy method is to find an object that means something to you and picking 3 colours from it, then bringing those different shades to a  paint store.

Now that you have chosen a paint colour, you should find that changing the look a living room isn’t as scary as you might have thought. There are so many colours to choose from, but you can simplify your decisions based on the above tips we just mentioned. Are you having difficulty slotting in time to paint your living room yourself? Don’t stress, Home Painters Toronto can do this for you and set your mind at ease! They are experienced painting professionals and are here to help you out!

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