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How To Remove Carpet From Stairs

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Are you looking to update your space and put in some new carpet? One of the initial steps for this little home renovation project is to remove carpet from stairs first. The carpeting on your staircase can get really worn out over the years. Did you know that your staircase is one of the most highly trafficked spots in your home? So, it’s likely that your staircase carpeting could do with a bit of a refresh.

This might seem like a bit of a stressful DIY project, but it’s really not too bad. You just need a few simple tools and the time, energy and patience to drive this project. So, let’s dig right into how to remove carpet from stairs!


Materials needed to remove carpet from stairs:

There are a couple items you’re going to need prior to removing carpet from your stairs. Don’t forget your safety gear prior to beginning work on removing carpet from stairs — as it can get quite messy!

Here’s your complete list:


  • Needle nose pliers
  • Garbage bags
  • Protective eyewear
  • Gloves
  • Pail
  • Mask
  • Hammer
  • Exacto or utility knife
  • Locking pliers
  • Pry bar


Step #1: Initial steps of removing carpet from stairs

It’s important to note that there are actually a few layers and parts to your carpeting, even when it’s located on a staircase. Carpeted stairs usually consist of the carpet pad, nosing, tack strips or fasteners, tread, a riser as well as the actual carpet. To begin, you want to start at the top and remove carpet from stairs with your locking pliers and utility knife. Use your utility knife to cut the carpet on the step directly under the landing.


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Use your locking pliers again to remove the carpet free from the rise on the staircase. If you grip the carpet with both of your hands, it will allow for easier removal. You’ll also find that you’ll remain your balance better in this position as you are working on a staircase. Simply work from side to side and step-by-step all the way down. Remember to cut your carpeting into manageable sizes for disposal along the way.


Step #2: Removing the padding

Once you have your carpet removed from the stairs, then comes the time to remove the padding. You might need to pull it away from the stairs with your pry bar, but it usually comes away fairly easily. Make plans to have your carpet padding disposed of in the right manner as well.


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Before you remove the tack strips, be sure to have your protective gear on. You don’t want those tacks flying around and hitting you in the eye! You can remove all the tack strips with your pry bar and a hammer. Once you have all of those up, throw them away in the garbage as well. Then you have the last couple easy steps for how to remove carpet from stairs!


Step #3: Finishing steps

The last few steps of removing carpet from stairs are fairly easy. They shouldn’t take you much time at all. What you should be left with is some of the fasteners on the stairs. They usually look very similar to staples. A good tip is to have a large magnet around to collect them into a small container to dispose of.


how to remove carpet from stairs, painted stairs ideas, how to paint stairs, professional painters, house painters, interior painting services

If you find any glue remaining, you can easily remove it with a putty knife. Then you’ll want to give your stairs a good sweep or once over with the vacuum to collect any additional debris. And the last step in removing carpet from stairs is to take some coloured putty and fill in any holes or gaps left by the fasteners or tacks.


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