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Surely a staircase has the ability to get us up and down to our preferred locations, but it could be much more than that. One of the first things people notice when they walk into your front door is your staircase! So, why not decorate it and make it eye-catching? There are many painted stairs ideas to choose from, which will give you endless possibilities.

Don’t miss out on an opportunity to give your stairs life. Think of it like painting a wall. You focus on the colour and the type of paint you will use, but you can do the exact same thing when it comes to painting stairs. As a high-traffic zone and a focal point of your home, let’s give your stairs a much-needed painting job. 

Refurbishing and Re-Staining of a Staircase

The Benefits of Painted Stairs

The daily wear and tear of your stairs face is unavoidable. It is a high-traffic area, which means that over time, you should inspect it. Inspect it to know if it is in good shape or not and if it is making any unnecessary noises.

Every home has a different layout, but for the most part, your staircase will be the first thing people notice. In that case, you definitely want to make a good first impression. If you are planning to sell your home, potential buyers do pay close attention to all details of the home.

Caring for your home is the main priority and painted stairs ideas would be an added bonus. Painted stairs ideas would protect against wear and tear. It would decrease your chances of injuries that could potentially harm you.

In addition, while painting your stairs, you could notice any damaged wood and then have interior painters fix it right away.

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A new colour can be a great fix! 

Not only is fixing your stairs a necessity but adding a new colour can give it that pop you never know you needed.

Renovating your home alongside painting your stairs will make them stick out like never before. Many homeowners like to match the colour of their stairs with their walls.

Regardless of the ideas you have, you can paint or stain your staircases to match the decor of your home or it can be an accent piece. Both ways would make your home instantly eye-catching.

From light shades to darker tones, your painted stairs will transcend the spirit of your home. It can be the grand entrance to your home and something that truly represents your own aesthetics and inspirations. Every home is a personal place, so it is highly important to show off your styles and tastes through decoration, including your stairs.

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Quality Stairs 

Quality stairs are important. When considering painting or even staining your stairs, it would give you the opportunity to check for any possible damages.

Is the wood rotted?

Is the wood cracked?

Do the stairs need to be completely replaced?

The answers to these questions will give you the chance to replenish your stairs, giving them quality. Taking care of projects like this can be a handful, so you can always hire professional painters to do it for you.

Although you might feel like these are small issues and they don’t need to be fixed right away, think again. Small issues can end up being bigger issues down the road, so it’s vital to clear them up as soon as you see them.

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Cost of painted stairs 

Maintaining your stairs long-term should be a main goal. This includes maintaining and protecting the handles, treads, and posts of your stairs. Interior painters could do that for you and so much more! The cost of painting your stairs weighs heavily on the size of your staircase and when it was first made. The usual starting price is between $3,500 and can go up to $8,000. This would include whether your stairs need refining, staining, or painting.

In addition, if there needs to be any warping or rotting refining. Painting stairs could take up to multiple days, depending on if you do it yourself or with the help of interior painters.

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At Home Painters Toronto, we can assist you with all your staircase needs and cost-effective. We have professional colour experts on staff to help you choose a colour or stain you’ll love for your staircase painting project. We know your home is a personal space for you and your families, which is why we have a great, experienced team willing to help you out. Our large team of professional contractors can cover everything you need to know about painting stairs and refining. Call 416.494.9095 or email [email protected] for a FREE quote or visit our website https://www.homepainterstoronto.com/
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