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Hallways and staircases often serve as the connective tissue of a home, guiding us from one room to another. Yet, in many houses, these crucial areas are often overlooked when it comes to interior design. With the right approach – and especially the right paint colours – your hallways and stairs can transition from mere pathways to design statements that impress and inspire.

This blog will explore some of the best paint colours to breathe life into your halls and stairs, and how paint can play an integral role in your home’s overall aesthetic.

Paint Colours for Hallways and Stairs

Choosing the best colours for halls and stairs can be a daunting task. Colour ideas for hall stairs and landing can lead you down an endless tunnel of colour schemes and combinations. You may be asking yourself, “What is the best colour for stairs?” or “How do I choose a hallway colour?” These questions can be answered simply by reminding yourself that it is your home and choosing what colours you like. However, if you want to stay on the top trend within the painting world, look no further and see the recommendations below for the best colours for halls and stairs.

Best colours for Stairs

The best colours for stairs are those that do not scream pretentious. Over the top, instead, you want to aim for subtle and distinct colours that compliment your staircase walls. Now there is always the option to stain, but that’s no fun, is it? You use your stairs every day. They are an underappreciated feature that brings your interior paint design dream come to fruition.

White Painted Stairs:

  • Works best when your walls are light in colour.
  • Has a sleek and refined appearance.
  • It is complex and straightforward simultaneously.
  • One tone is more than enough; sometimes less is more.
  • The common misconception of them being dirty is false; white stairs give you the chance to see blemishes and dirt you may not have seen with any other colour.


Recommendations: Benjamin Moore has a diverse selection of white paint to choose from; White Dove, Ivory Tusk and Cake Batter are colours you cannot go wrong with.

Grey Painted Stairs:

  • Grey paint gives off a more modern aesthetic.
  • This colour works well with complementing another tone.
  • Offers a tranquil and sophisticated look.


Recommendations: Iron Gate, City Shadow and Gotham offer unique tones of gray that Go well with cream, white and ivory living and dining rooms

Neutral Painted Stairs:

  • Neutral offers a balance to your home that other colours cannot.
  • Choose a neutral colour undertone based on your colour preference.
  • They are the most common colour concept preferred by homeowners.
  • Safest choice if you are still unsure of which paint colours you want for your staircase.


Recommendations: Sherwin-Williams has a vast catalogue of neutrals, ranging from a light gray in Reflection to a robust brown neutral in Status Bronze.

painters painting stairs

Best Colours for Hallways

Hallway paint colours in 2023 can leave a homeowner with an overwhelming amount of options to pick from. “How do I choose a hallway colour?” is a common question asked when deciding you want a change. Hallways are the foundation of your paint scheme; one wrong choice and your whole interior paint design will lead to a mid-life paint crisis. As a homeowner, you need to decide if you want striking statement hues or a calmer and more tranquil palette.

Keep it Dim With Darker Colours:

  • Darker colour scheme for interior design is a rising trend in 2023.
  • Add emphasis to your overall home interior.
  • Paintings and pictures garner more attention when placed on darker surfaces.
  • If your hallways have natural light, it will boost the dark hues.
  • Darker colours tend to last longer and hide blemishes on your walls better.


Recommendations: Benjamin Moore’s Midnight Blue, Black Ink and Deep Indigo offer robust colour schemes. Stand out from the rest.

painters painting halls

Warm Up Your Halls With Yellow Paint:

  • Hallways are often abused by natural sunlight; adding yellow to your halls will make your home feel much more alive and vibrant.
  • It is unique; not a lot of homeowners go bold with their hallways; this is your chance to have something different from the norm.


Recommendations: Fields of Gold, North Star and Suntan Yellow by Benjamin Moore offer a mature and elegant take on the colour yellow.

Play It Safe with a Cream Pallete:

  • With summer 2023 just around the corner, this colour palette fits the season perfectly for the warm weather, sunny days and spark of energy that comes with the season.
  • Cream colours are the most used for hallways
  • It can be easily updated with accessories;
  • Most inviting colour scheme for your hallways


Recommendations: Windsor Cream, Butter Pecan, Crème Brulee

The best colours for hallways and stairs are entirely subjective. Following trends is a good idea to see what other homeowners are doing with their interior design and see which colours are best for your halls and stairs.

Tips for Choosing and Painting Halls and Stairs Colours

When painting stairs and halls, it’s vital to be mindful of certain tips and tricks. Here, we provide you with valuable advice to help make your painting project as smooth and successful as possible:

Lighting Matters:

The amount of natural light in your hallways and stairwells can significantly impact the appearance of colours. Always consider the available light before settling on a paint colour. If the area is darker, opt for lighter shades to brighten up the space.

Swatches and Test Patches:

It can be challenging to visualize how a colour will look in the context of your home and lighting. To avoid disappointment, use paint swatches or test small patches directly on your walls and stairs. This way, you can see how the colour reacts to different lighting at different times of the day before committing to a large-scale project.

Quality Over Price:

When choosing hall and stairs paint, it’s essential to prioritize quality rather than just price. High-quality, durable paint can save you money in the long run since it requires fewer coats and is more resistant to wear and tear, particularly on areas like stairs that experience plenty of foot traffic.

Preparation is Key:

Just as with any paint job, the key to a successful and long-lasting result is in the preparation. Make sure to clean and sand your surfaces thoroughly before applying primer, especially for stairs. This ensures the paint adheres well and results in a smooth, even finish.

Safety First:

Stairways can be narrow, steep, and challenging to navigate when painting. Always put safety first: use a stable ladder or scaffold, and take your time when working on stairs. If you’re not confident in safely painting these areas, consider hiring a professional.

Consider VOC Levels:

When choosing paint, consider the levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). These chemicals can impact indoor air quality and may cause ill health effects for some individuals. Opt for low-VOC or VOC-free paint to protect your family’s health.

Coordinate with Your Home’s Decor:

Lastly, always consider the overall decorating scheme of your house. Select paint colours that complement or enhance the aesthetics of your other rooms, ensuring a harmonious, balanced flow throughout your home.

By following these tips, you can make informed decisions and navigate the process of painting your halls and stairs more smoothly, ultimately elevating your home’s interior design with confidence and ease.


Embracing the creative potential of your halls and stairs can bring a new level of sophistication and character to your home. By selecting the right colours, including for your stairs, you can make these often-overlooked areas shine.

From soft neutrals and bold statement colours in your hallways to dynamic two-toned combinations and accents on your stairs, the possibilities are wide and exciting. Don’t be afraid to experiment, and let your hallways and stairs become a testament to your unique design taste.

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