Stucco ceiling (or popcorn ceiling) first became a thing around the 1960s-1970s. The process of applying stucco ceiling was quite easy back in the day. It was also a great way to hide any flaws and there’s no painting involved afterwards. Because the texture is very rough, it produces lots of dust and cobwebs. Nobody wants that in their homes for sure. Not to mention that the real pain stems from having holes or cracks that need patching. Although removing stucco ceiling is a messy task, it is worth it when your home is in good shape. How do you remove stucco ceiling? The process really isn’t that bad! 

Steps to Removing Stucco Ceiling

  1. Scrape your ceiling to see how to remove it. Make sure it is dry, then dampen it with water and try again. Although some textures are best taken off without wetting, it is better to wet it. If the wetting does not work, you may have a tough scraping job on your hands.
  2. If your stucco ceiling was installed before 1980, there is a good chance it contains asbestos (familiar cause of lung cancer). It is highly recommended contacting your local health provider for a sample test. If the test comes back positive. you will need to cover your stucco ceiling with new drywall.
  3. This entire task is due for a messy home! It is important to cover all furniture and walls before removal of stucco ceiling. Cleaning up is easier using plastic cloths because you can tidy up and throw it straight in the trash. You should leave the cloth on the floor for when small pieces from the ceiling drop.
  4. Remove all furniture from the room you are in. If that is not possible, cover all the furniture with drop cloths, so it does not get ruined.
  5. If you have ceiling fans, please get rid of it for this process.


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Final Steps to removing stucco ceiling

  • Use a water pump sprayer to wet the ceiling. Let it soak for about 15 minutes before scraping. Don’t spray too much water, as it could harm the drywall and loosen the tape. If the texture is not soft after 15 minutes, try spraying it again.
  • Cover all electrical boxes in the ceiling to avoid getting injured (turn it off first). Use painter’s tape to keep the wires dry.
  • Do not try to do too much (I know it’s always in our nature to do so). Work in small areas, usually 4×4 feet. If you work in a larger area, the stucco ceiling may dry before you get the chance to scrape it off. In the event that happens, you would need to respray the area and wait another 15 minutes.
  • Work with a mud pan to catch the stucco before it touches the floor. You can get a mud pan at most hardware stores.
  • Just scraping won’t help you keep your ceiling paint ready. You will have small gouges to fix. Sanding the ceiling will make it smooth before you have to paint.

You could remove your stucco ceiling with drywall 

Removing stucco ceilings can be a tough task. It could get messy in a hurry, but imagine doing something easier? A messy and ugly stucco ceiling can be replaced with a layer of drywall. It is much easier than removing stucco ceiling completely and you’ll get good results. Don’t get me wrong, covering it with a layer of drywall is still a lot of heavy lifting, but if you want patches in your ceiling, this might be the way for you. According to many remodelers, covering up your outdated ceiling can save you time, money, and let’s be real: headaches. In addition, a ceiling cover-up job ensures that you can cut holes, without having annoying repairs later. You have the perfect opportunity to install light fixtures or a ceiling fan. Realistically, if your ceiling has holes, covering it with drywall 
makes the most sense. It’s just way faster and uncomplicating. 
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Messy, but totally worth it 

You have removed your stucco ceiling! We get that the process involved moving and covering furniture and flooring. It was probably a bit messy and tiring, but it’s very worth it in the end to remove your stucco ceiling. Now your ceiling is looking smooth and fresh!

If you find yourself having any other issues with your ceiling, like ceiling paint peeling, visit this blog for help.

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