Unique Bathroom Painting Ideas by Home Painters Toronto

Your bathroom is an important part of your home. Deciding how to paint it and who will do the painting job is vital to the final appearance of your bathroom painting project.  Be sure to take your time deciding how you want it to look and how your bathroom meshes with the rest of your house.

Here are some of our favorite unique bathroom painting ideas:



1- Deep, rich colour for bathroom

For the bold and decisive type homeowner choosing a deep red or stark royal blue color for painting bathroom could prove to be a statement.
Your confidant colour choice will accentuate the beauty of your home and make for a romantic feel.

2- Use your existing bathroom finishes for inspiration


When choosing a colour, it’s a good idea to use the existing fixtures, bathroom tiles, or table tops for inspiration.  How you do this?  An example, let’s take your bathroom tiles as a common place to get some ideas.   Instead of looking at the dominant colour (usually a beige, or light sand), look for hints  of darker shades or tiny splashes of a darker shade to choose your bathroom wall color.   Hence, do NOT match the dominant common colour, but go for the tiny hints or splashes of the less dominant tone to get your inspiration.  This is also very common to look for in granite countertops as well.

Pair your daring walls with white accessories (towels, soap dishes and more) for a stunning contracts.  If you plan to paint your bathroom DIY  style, check out our do-it-yourself guide to painting basics.

3- Fresh Patterns

We love patterns for bathrooms paintings, whether they are stripes, diamonds, checks or other. Painting patterns can be very successful in camouflaging  flaws in your bathroom that cannot be corrected by construction projects (like small square footage or a low ceiling).

4- Bathroom Accent Wallbathroom-painting-ideas-img-2

This is particularly useful when you want all the attention towards one particular wall.  Usually it will be the wall with the mirror on it or the wall  behind the toilet depending on the layout.   This accent wall will usually be significantly darker or lighter depending on the existing color to be  begin with.

No matter what the idea you choose, bathroom painting can be messy and time consuming so we recommend hiring a professional Toronto house painter to help you out.

Be creative in painting your bathroom, because this room is the key to your day to day living.  You have to look at it day in and day out so make sure that you are completely represented.

With more than 25 years’ experience as professional painters in Toronto and the GTA, let our experience go to work for you.

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