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The Top 5 Reasons to Renovate Your Bathroom

Did you know that the condition of your bathroom(s) may affect the ability to sell your home? Out of all the rooms in your home, the way you care for your bathroom tells the most about the way you care for your home. By renovating and painting the bathroom you could possibly see an increase of several thousand dollars in the value of your Toronto property.

1- Bathrooms are BUSY:

Along with kitchens, bathrooms are the most used rooms in your house. They are a huge source of water, hence its not surprising that it can be subjected to all kinds of humidity, moisture, stains, and mold. Updating your bathroom when it starts to feel dingy and ignored can bring a whole new feeling to the room.

 2- Bathrooms Should be Relaxing:

While there are the obvious uses for a bathroom, bathrooms are also home to the best part of a whole house; the bathtub. Being able to soak away the stresses of the day in a comfortable and beautiful bathroom, is a great day to let off a little steam. Also, if your bathroom does not have a good flow to it, your morning routine could get a little hectic.

3- A Beautiful Bathroom Painting Adds SIGNIFICANT Property Value:

Besides kitchens, bathrooms are the #1 influence on the increase in sale value of your house in the GTA. Also, if the rest of your home is modern and beautifully updated but you still have the old green bathtub and standard stand-up shower, you may find buyers to be more hesitant. Keeping your home as up-to-date as possible including the bathrooms, is the best way to ensure that when it’s time for you to sell, your home will be a paint job away from completion.

4- A Bathroom Renovation Can Save Money:

With the newest technology in Eco friendly/ low consumption light bulbs, showers, toilets and faucets improving on a daily basis the options for updating are endless. After several years, you could see savings in the thousands of dollars.

5- Make Your Home Your Own:

A bathroom renovation is a chance to be creative and some colour to your home. Whether you are a fan of the rich, vibrant colors or classic, neutral colours, bathroom painting projects can make your home fit YOU better. The bathroom is the ideal place to try out some new colors because of the reputation of the bathrooms being boring.
Your bathroom is an often overlooked room when doing a painting or renovations. Whether you decide to do a simple bathroom painting project or do a complete bathroom overhaul, it is important to make your bathroom your sanctuary.

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