Front Door Stain Process And Colours

Did you know that your exterior front door has the ability to truly grab the eye and attention of those who pass by your home? In terms of curb appeal, front door colours are huge. You can play up the different features of your home’s exterior and front door stain really offers up the ability for a classic and timeless look.

You might be wondering what the process looks like in terms of front door staining or restaining. It’s actually not too bad of a process. For a lot of professional painters, they don’t even need to remove the door from its hinges. So, without further adieu, let’s dig into the front door stain process and top colours!

Step #1: Prep For Front Door Stain

Prep for Front door stain

Prep work is so important, especially when you’re thinking about front door stain. After all, your front door is faced with blustery and rainy weather over the years. The rain, snow, and sun can really cause some wear and tear over the years. The first step to properly prep for door stain is to ensure that everything is cleaned off nicely.

At that point, you can work on stripping the existing stain. You need to use a professional stripper and varnish remover. We recommend Minwax Paint and Varnish Remover. This step is crucial for your new front door stain as it will ensure that it adheres to the door properly and evenly.

Step #2: Sanding

Sanding of front door

As you continue the process to a door stain, it is now time to get out your sander. You can use a sponge sander as well as a vibrating sander. Also, a vibrating sander such as this one from Home Depot offers the ability for an extra smooth sand as well as dust collection. It’s a good investment tool, especially if you like to do DIY projects a lot. Sometimes things can go a bit array with a simple piece of sandpaper. And this is your exterior front door we’re talking about here! You want it looking pristine. So, before you get your new front door stain on, it needs to be perfectly smooth and sanded.

Step #3: Front Door Ideas With New Stain

Front door stain

Now comes the really fun part — actually seeing some massive changes to your front door! There are lots of popular colours for door stain at the moment. If you want a front door idea that’s a bit darker, you might go for the Dark Walnut or Ebony door stain. Another popular door stain colour is True Black. So, remember to choose carefully and really think about what’s going to go best with the exterior of your home and its overall aesthetic.

To apply the Minwax door stain, you simply want to use a paintbrush and go over the door in even strokes. Then you can go over it with Varathane, which works as a protectant and finisher for the front door stain. You’ll find that this technique provides the best protection against rain, sun and offers up long-lasting durability.

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