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When starting a new home project that requires painting, most people would assume that picking the colour is important. While it is, it isn’t actually the top choice. The biggest and most vital task is choosing what type of paint to use. There are a variety of paints to choose from: water based, oil based, acrylic, latex, and many more. Oil based paints are used on wood, paintings, and metals.

So, why use oil based paint? The finishing touch comes out glossy and smooth. It does take days or even weeks to dry, but it does not easily stain. In addition, oil based paints are harder to use and are thicker than most other paints. There are many advantages to using oil based paint.

Why Use An Oil Based Paint

Some people would think that the longer it takes to dry, the more annoying it would be. Not necessarily though. Oil based paint does take a lot longer to dry than a latex paint would, but you would essentially have more time to get other tasks complete. It’s definitely an added bonus.

The paint goes on the surface very smooth, and one coating covers it perfectly. The biggest thing about oil based paint is that it holds up good in high area environments, such as staircases, walls, sinks, and much more.

Disadvantages: Oil Based Paint Vs Latex

Like everything in life, there are advantages and disadvantages. The disadvantages for oil based paint would be that it has a very strong odour, compared to a water based paint. This essentially means that it will take longer to dry. It is also harder to clean, but that doesn’t seem too bad.

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Taking longer dry means that you need absolute care in your cleaning. The work is already messy, so try to use extra precaution. Make sure that there is no contact with the wet surfaces. As time passes, the paint will start to harden, causing splitting to occur. If the wood shrinks, splitting almost always happens. If you want a flawless finish on your surfaces, using a pure bristle brush will do just the trick.

Supplies You Need For Oil Based Paint

It is highly important during any type of painting, to have the right tools by your side. This will make for an enjoyable, yet efficient experience for yourself and others. There are two main types of brushes: natural-hair bristles and polyester or nylon brushes. In this case, when using oil paint, you should use a natural bristle brush.

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Natural bristle brushes work best when topping a coat and applying enamels. If you want the best paint brush, it will cost you a bit more, but it will be worth it when your surface is looking clean and smooth for multiple years. In addition, when you want the job done properly, using the right supplies is needed. Use small brushes for small tasks and large brushes to cover large areas. This way, the supply in your hand matches the job you are about to tackle, whether interior or exterior.

Important Considerations On Why Use An Oil Based Paint

When using oil based, there are elements to consider. It is highly important to not pour this paint down the drain. Instead, you should get in touch with your local waste management to see what you should do to dispose of the paint in a safe manner. In addition, many cities have local waste collection areas to dispose of old paints. No matter if the formula is latex, water based, or oil, using a bath sink or laundry for minor cleanups are okay.

Verdict On Oil Based Paint

If you are starting a home project involving any sort of wood, using oil based paint is highly recommended. It is much more durable and resists stains, unlike other types of paint. You can even use oil based paint for areas like the kitchen, trims, bathrooms, and other exteriors. Although this type of paint warrants a lot of work, life does too. Nothing ever comes easy, right? The finishing touch of using oil paints is smooth and glossy.

Even from far away, it looks brand new! When people enter your house, they will surely be amazed and that warrants such a good feeling. Ultimately, the decision relies solely on the homeowner and what is best for their home.

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