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Coloured Kitchen Cabinets: Best Paint For Kitchen Cabinets 2021

Do you find yourself looking around at your kitchen cupboards and feeling uninspired? Coloured kitchen cabinets are all the rage right now! Doing a major overhaul that involves brand new kitchen cabinetry is super expensive. So, why not go for the easier option of simply painting kitchen cabinets! Coloured kitchen cabinets are super fun and add such a modern feel to a kitchen space. So, let’s dig into some of the most popular kitchen cabinet paint colours for 2021!

Can you change the colour of kitchen cabinets? 

If you’re wanting to change things up with your cupboards, why not try out some coloured kitchen cabinets? The cool thing is that you can achieve this look by painting oak cabinets and lots of other materials too. So, in short, yes you can change the colour of kitchen cabinets! All it takes is a little bit of time and the perfect paint colour for painting kitchen cabinets and you’ll be on your way. Check out the whole painting kitchen cabinets process here in this blog!

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What is the popular colour for kitchen cabinets right now?

Thinking ahead to kitchen cabinet trends 2021, coloured kitchen cabinets will still be on the pipeline. It’s important to add a hint of personality into your space. So, why not start with the heart of the home — the kitchen. Let’s take a look at some of the popular coloured kitchen cabinets that might catch your eye in 2021!

Blue green coloured kitchen cabinets 

For coloured kitchen cabinets headed into 2021, you’re likely to see the trend of blue green cupboards pop up. We’re talking about that perfect balance between blue and green. Check out Aegean Teal, which also happens to be Benjamin Moore’s Colour Of The Year! It’s not too dark or too light and it’s not quite teal either. It rests perfectly in that in-between realm where you just can’t help but feel happy looking whilst looking at your kitchen cabinets!

Hunter green coloured kitchen cabinets

Hunter green kitchen cabinets are a part of the list for kitchen cabinet trends 2021! We appreciate this coloured kitchen cabinets option because even though it’s darker, it’s not overwhelming. It looks amazing with all sorts of countertops, including marble. Plus you could go lighter with your interior painting on your walls with a cream or beige and it would all fit together seamlessly.

Light cool tone gray for coloured kitchen cabinets

If you want something still out of the ordinary for your coloured kitchen cabinets while still incorporating modern kitchen designs, light cool tone gray is perfect. It’s nice for painting kitchen cabinets because it’s not the most obvious choice. Plus, you will still feel as though you’re changing things up. Check out Stonington Gray HC-170 for a nice cool gray. Also, if you use a nice white on the walls for your interior painting, like Snowfall White, it can set things off really nicely.

Kitchen cabinet painting: Go for all white! 

You might not think of painting kitchen cabinets all white because it’s been popular over the years, but it’s actually a really great way to freshen and clean things up. Plus, if you’re looking ahead to modern kitchen ideas for 2021, all white kitchen cabinet painting is on the list! Check out Decorator’s White for a nice option that will make your kitchen cabinets really pop!

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kitchen cabinet painting and cabinet cabinet refinishing before and after, painting kitchen cabinets, coloured kitchen cabinets, modern kitchen designs, new kitchen ideas, kitchen trends, cabinet refinishing, interior house painters near me

Coloured kitchen cabinets: A few other ideas

If you haven’t quite made up your mind yet, there are a few more options for kitchen cabinet trends 2021!

Beige coloured kitchen cabinets are worth considering. It’s a fresh modern kitchen design idea that can really brighten up a space. Check out Alphano Beige for a nice sandy cool toned beige.

Another unique option for kitchen cabinet painting for 2021 is bronze. This is one trend you might not have considered! Take a look at Aged Bronze if you want a rich and saturated bronze colour for your kitchen cupboards.

Lastly, gray blues are huge for kitchen cabinet trends 2021. They can really make an impact and modernize your old kitchen cupboards that may have lost their lustre. We suggest checking out Manor Blue for a beautiful gray blue for interior painting.

how much does it cost to change the colour of kitchen cabinets?

In terms of kitchen cabinet painting cost, the average cost to paint kitchen cabinets in the Toronto area starts at $2,500 – $3,500. You’re looking at a cost of $85 – $125 per kitchen cabinet door or drawer and the average size kitchen has approximately 20 – 30 kitchen cabinet doors. For kitchens that are larger in size with more cabinets, the cost will obviously go up. You’ll see anywhere from $4,000 – $6,500 for the overall cost of painting kitchen cabinets. So, as you can see, compared to the average cost for completely replacing all of your kitchen cabinetry, it is just a small fraction of the cost.

How much does kitchen cabinet painting cost?

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