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If you search on the internet for types of painting brushes, you may be disappointed to learn most of the sites are writing about artistic brushes. While painting is for sure an art, the types of painting brushes you need are for your interior home. This is your ultimate artistic expression coming full circle.

It can be overwhelming at first to figure out what types of painting brushes you specifically need for doing certain areas of your interior, but do not fret, once you learn the basics, choosing the right painting brushes can be as easy as 1,2,3.

Types of Painting Brushes

Brush Styles

Tutorial to paint interior with wainscoting

It is important to first learn about brush styles before anything else. These styles are used for specific sections of your home. You do not want to end up working with the wrong tool for a certain area of your interior, these styles include:

  • • Wall: the name is pretty self-explanatory, this style is used for vast surfaces
  • • Angle Sash: the bristles are on an angle for the user to tackle trims and lining the ceiling up with the walls
  • • Flat Sash: again, this name is self-explanatory, use this style for flatter surfaces
  • • Thin Angle Sash: For the surgeon painters, this intricate brush is used for trimming corners and edges, it requires great skill to use this style

If you are confident enough to use a Thin Angle Sash, then all the power to you; if you are a novice and want to learn more, there are several tutorials online on how to use these brush styles properly.

Different Types of  Brushes

While there are all sorts of different brushes out on the market, you want to chose quality over quantity. Depending on what you need, all types of painting brushes are not the same. Go for top of the line brands that have a proven record, do not go for a cheaper alternative as it could end up costing you more in the long run.

  • • Polyester Brushes: these brushes are made specifically for latex paint, the finish it provides is a perfect combination of slickness while making sure the area is balanced
  • • Natural Bristle Brushes: best used for oil-based paints, these brushes spilt at the end intentionally for the ability to hold more paint per stroke
  • • Blended nylon/polyester brushes: Think of these brushes as a hybrid of the two mentioned above, it is capable with all latex paints and thought of to last longer than most other brushes

Brush Sizes

Paint companies like Sherwin-Williams and Benjamin Moore use their own widths and inches when determining the size of their paintbrushes. Remember, the types of painting brushes you need depends on what you are painting, for an easier grasp of brush sizes:

  • • 1”-2” paintbrushes should be used for tiny scale makeovers such as trim, windows, and if you like to paint over model toys, actions figures as well
  • • 3” paintbrushes should be used for kitchen, interior doors and cabinets
  • • 4” are the cream of the crop; use these brushes for walls, ceilings, floors, anything that is a bigger surface than normal

Brush End Types


Think of these types like the end of a pencil or pen. It is a little detail not noticed by the average painter ( not you) and can make all the difference in the world when selected properly. They can be different depending on what brand you choose from, all types of painting brushes generally follow these categories:

  • • Angeled Brush:  Bristles are formatted in a way to make the job of trimming windows and door frames a lot more simple and convenient for the user
  • • Square Trim Brush: Shaped like a square at the end, these bristles are specifically constructed for flatter surfaces
  • • Chisel Trim Brush: These bristles are angled to perfection, like the Thin Angle Sash, this brush end is made for precision, use it for trimming around corners/edges

If you decide to hire a contractor, they should be using all types of painting brushes mentioned in this piece.  Now that you know about the proper terms and identification of brushes, ensure that your hired painting service uses the right tools at the right time, you would be surprised, but then again, it is 2021; nothing may scare you anymore.

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