As a home-owner, you may want to learn how to paint trim. This skill is helpful as it saves you time and money. Instead of hiring a painting service, the best way to paint trim is through experience. If you do not have any background history on how to paint trim, you have come to the right place to learn.

The process to Paint Trim

Now that you have decided to attempt to paint trim, it is vital that you understand what takes place before and during the task at hand. You need to familiarize yourself with these core concepts to have a successful final product. Some essentials that you need include:

  • • Painter’s tape, you can find this any your local paint store.


  • • 2.5 inches angled brush, Sherwin-Williams has the best quality of brushes that will last you multiple trim jobs.


  • • 4-inch foam roller


  • • Sponges


  • • Primer. Benjamin Moore has a top-of-the-line primer that comes in different varieties.


  • • Sandpaper


  • • Microfiber cloth


  • • Latex Paint
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For latex paint options, here at Home Painters Toronto, we stick with Benjamin Moore and Sherwin-Williams. These brands feature quality paint selections that have a proven track record of success and happy customers.

These items can spike up the price if you do not already own them. Remember, quality over price. If an item here is cheaper than its average, it most likely means the article’s quality is subpar. Lasting results requires the best products available. The price is higher for a good reason.

Prep to Paint Trim

All the tools listed above are necessary to paint trim. Without one of them, the whole job will be in jeopardy. Assuming that all the tools are in your painting toolbox, it is essential to understand where to start before the actual painting occurs.

1. Remove any furniture nearby

2. Prep the trim by sanding it down. This will help smoothen the area

3. Clean the trim with a damp sponge to get rid of any residue

4. Apply painter’s tape between the trim and the wall to guarantee honed paint lines

5. Apply just one coat of primer. If you see wood showing through after the first coat, apply one more.

6. Give primer a full day to dry before the next step

7. Sand again to get rid of the brush strokes

8. Use cloth again to get rid of any dust or new buildup

The best way to paint trim over a sensitive surface is to use a specialized painter’s tape for delicate areas. If you are painting over a carpet, pull the tape tight over the surface and tuck the edge between the carpet fibres and the trim.

Painting the Trim

Here is the fun part. To paint trim, you want to go for a semi-gloss finish, which is better at covering up any blemishes. You can also go for high gloss paint, which has more longevity and is easier to maintain. Down below is a list of brands that will give your trim the best finish.

  • Benjamin Moore ADVANCE paint offers various colorways and is a premium line that ensures high-end finishes for trim and doors and cabinetry.


  • Emerald Urethane Trim Enamel by Sherwin-Willians is a water-based paint that will last on surfaces that are cleaned frequently, like trims.


  • SnapDry Door & Trim Paint offers painters in a rush a paint that will dry in as little to one hour.
  • • Ben® Interior Paint is currently on sale for those who are trying to budget. This paint is for you.

Final Steps

Now that you have the paint selected, the process to paint trim is relatively standard. It would help if you felt comfortable before you begin the job as you do not want to mess up and have to redo the whole thing. If you are feeling up to the task, follow these steps when doing the job.

  • • Go slow; use short brush strokes to being to avoid any drippage.


  • • Paint a handful of feet at a time.


  • • Please go over the wet painted section with the foam roller without any paint. This gives it an expert finish that will leave your guests baffled that you do this yourself.


  • • It is crucial when painting trim to have a wet edge on your section. This makes the paint blend in more seamlessly.


  • • Get rid of the painter’s tape while the paint is still damp.


  • • Leave to dry for a day.

Congratulations, you have now finished that long overdue trim job. Again this is a guide if you want to do the job yourself. When hiring a painting service, these tips and tricks should already be known to the employer. When looking for a company, look for longevity, a proven track record and friendly staff. To paint trim requires a lot of focus and effort. If you are doing this by yourself, maybe try to meditate beforehand to get a steady hand.

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