window trim painted with top 2020 colour for window trim for homes in toronto, ontario

top colours for exterior window trim

Picking out your exterior window trim and frame paint colours might seem like an easy step, but it definitely requires some thought and planning. Ultimately, all of the exterior paint and features that you choose need to complement one another and just fit seamlessly. Also, you want to think about how the window trim and frames really work to enhance the look of the windows. Yes, they also work to help fill the gap between the wall and the window. They’re not only functional and necessary, but they do have the opportunity to be decorative and appealing as well. And remember, the right window trim and frame colour might just help to increase curb appeal as well!

different types of trim and frames

local toronto home painters before and after painting of wood window trim on bay window of a home in toronto, ontario

There are actually all sorts of different kinds of window trim and frames. Again, they usually revolve around the overall style and aesthetic of the home. They really work to match up with the architecture, siding and brick to create a uniform look.

Window trim and frames can have a more modern look with very clean lines. Or they can be more decorative with lots of embellishments and carved details. You might find some rustic looking trims, which is usually a very natural look with soft wood tones. A more craftsman look might appeal to you for trims as well. They’re usually much wider and expansive sometimes featuring concave details. If it’s a historical home, you’ll usually find colonial window trims. They are always elegant, usually wide with subtle curves that taper in.

boldness is in for 2020!

tall brick home in toronto, ontario with wood exterior window trim painted with taupe paint by home painters service in toronto

It looks like 2020 is the year to go big or go home! What we mean by that is homeowners right now are not afraid to really make a statement with exterior paint. Think about boldness in terms of what really works to bring homes to a fresh and modern level, but not overpower them with bright colours. Think about aluminum siding painted in beautiful charcoals and dark grays that are rich, but still great monochromatic neutrals.

A lot of people are also going for nice cool taupes for their exteriors as well. Some are even choosing blacks or muted blacks for their siding or brick. Even some warmer taupes that feature richer brown tones are popular too. And a lot of people really enjoy a nice refresh with just a bright white as well. For 2020, bold neutrals are never boring as they can really work to modernize and streamline your home’s exterior.

top colours for exterior window trim

Thinking in terms of what is going to best complement some of the top exterior paint colours of the season may be the best way to navigate window trim colours. If your home is painted a popular charcoal, like Kendall Charcoal HC-166, consider a muted black for your window trims. Black Satin 2131-10 is a nice choice to really set your windows off beautifully. And remember you can always go charcoal around the windows too. Especially if your home features a gray exterior paint, charcoal window trims can really complement things perfectly.


faded brick house exterior with wood trim painted kendall charcoal (HC-166) by benjamin moore

toronto house with brick exterior and vinyl window trim painted with black satin (2131-10) from benjamin moore by home painters service in toronto











tall home in toronto with red brick exterior and vinyl window trim painted with Revere Pewter (HC-172) from benjamin moore by toronto home painters




If you’re more into the popular taupes this 2020 season, like Rever Pewter HC-172, it’s a favored choice to go white with your trims.






home with faded red brick and vinyl trim painted with white heron (OC-57) from benjamin moore





An off-white like White Heron OC-57 can really work to be the nice finishing touch the exterior of your home needs.





large home with aluminum siding and vinyl trim painted with natural wicker (950) from benjamin moore




Another popular choice for exterior window trims this season, especially if you have a brightly colored door, is Metropolitan AF-690It’s a nice stylish gray with cool undertones.






tall mid century home with wood window trim painted with metropolitan (AF-690) from benjamin moore




Or another inspired colour choice for the season is Natural Wicker 950It’s a warm and creamy taupe that really offsets homes featuring brownish tones and even works well with blues!







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