Benjamin Moore Aluminum Siding Paint

Choosing Paint for Projects

With every new home improvement project, like painting aluminum siding, comes a long list of new tasks.

Sometimes you can get caught up with all the big stuff – scheduling, deciding whether you want to hire someone, make sure the weather is optimal.  But choosing a brand and colour of paint can be where you get stuck.

There are so many options, settling on something is difficult for many home and business owners, not to mention all the questions that come up.

1. Can I paint old aluminum siding?

2. How much does it cost to paint aluminum siding on a house?

When choosing a brand and type of paint there are some factors to consider – whether it is an interior or exterior painting project, whether the paint colour is darker or lighter than recommended, and how long you are planning to go before you paint again?

Addressing these questions will help you make decisions and stay within your budget.

Once you are ready, you can move onto the details of painting aluminum siding that will make your preparation and execution best.

Aluminum Siding Unique Properties

1. The aluminum siding used to be the most popular siding material, until other materials, like vinyl became more popular.

2. It is very low maintenance and easy to install.  Though the cost of aluminum siding is comparable to vinyl there are some thicker varieties that are good for insulation.

3. Wear and tear from weather-related damage is minimal and most aluminum siding can last for decades – even in extreme weather areas – as long as you are taking care of it by washing it about once a year.

4. The cold, hot, and moisture do not create swelling, shrinking, or mildew of panels. And you will not need to deal with something like peeling that may happen with wood. So, Is it a bad idea to paint aluminum siding?

No.  Aluminum siding can be painted and may already have a baked-on colour or print when you first install them.

5. Aluminum panels are considered lightweight and can be horizontal or vertical.

Why Benjamin Moore?

Benjamin Moore has great choices for exterior painting projects that are durable and will last.

With dozens of exterior paints and stains to choose from, going with Benjamin Moore is an exciting experience.

Because this brand is carried at so many places around the city, it is also very convenient to talk to someone directly or in person when you are ready.

Benjamin Moore is an American company founded in the late 1800’s by two brothers.  Today it is owned by Berkshire Hathaway.

Preparation For Painting Aluminum Siding

Make sure to repair any aluminum siding that needs it, as it may be scratched or dented.

You may need to cut a part away and replace it.

Scrape old paint off and power wash or hand wash thoroughly with soap/cleaner, water, and a bristle brush.

When the siding is totally dry, which may take a few days, then it is time for taping off any features that you don’t want splattered – which maybe windows, doors or parts of the frame.

Because aluminum is so smooth it is best to prime it with self-etching primer before painting.

This will create the best results when it comes to adhesion.

The application directions on the container or package will direct you but most of the time this type of primer will be dry within three to four hours.

Basic Painting Procedure

So Can I spray paint on aluminum siding? or Can I paint aluminum siding with a brush?  The answer is both! You want to choose acrylic latex paint for aluminum siding and stick to something that looks more matte as opposed to shiny when it’s dry.  The dry time in between coats will be a couple hours and two coats are usually enough, but that depends on the colour chosen and the original colour and condition of the panels.  With the right preparation and care, the finished result can last five to ten years!

DIY vs Professional

DIY vs Hiring Someone?

Even for an avid Do-It-Yourself-er, painting the exterior of a home or business is a big job.  Sometimes it is the planning and preparation that is the determining factor and sometimes it is just a conflict in scheduling or a lack of help.  Whatever the reason, Home Painters Toronto is always ready to answer your questions, offer a helping hand and get the job done to your satisfaction.  And for any project, big or small Benjamin Moore paints are always a trustworthy choice to add a splash of beauty and protection to your aluminum siding!

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