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Can You Paint on Exterior Vinyl Windows or Vinyl Siding?

Exterior Vinyl Windows and Vinyl Siding Painting

If your property has vinyl siding and windows and you’re looking to refresh your home this spring. You may be considering a fresh coat of paint. While a fresh coat of paint can do wonders for your curb appeal, especially if you’re gearing up to sell your home. Vinyl can be a tricky surface to paint without some prep work. You can paint vinyl, but it’s not really recommended unless you’re a professional. However, if you want to do this project yourself, knowing the risks is essential.

Risks of painting exterior vinyl siding or windows

It’s not as simple as cleaning and painting when you want to refresh your vinyl siding or windows. Paint won’t stick to vinyl without some sort of primer, but primer can also damage the vinyl, depending on what’s in it. Typically if you’re painting vinyl, it chips, cracks, and flakes, which will be very unsightly. You also need to ensure you’re not voiding any warranty you may have.

Priming and painting your vinyl may harm the structural integrity and cause a big (and expensive) headache. Before you start the challenging process of painting your vinyl, be sure to check that your manufacturer’s warranty is still valid if you do.

Opting for a dark colour on your vinyl will absorb more light, so it’s not recommended if your vinyl is in direct sunlight for most of the day. The absorbed heat will eventually lead to your window warping or becoming damaged.

Exterior Vinyl Windows and Vinyl Siding Painting
Exterior Vinyl Windows and Vinyl Siding Painting

Home Painters Toronto Vinyl Painting Tips

Sherwin williams paint

If you’re still not convinced to leave a vinyl painting job to the pros, here are some helpful tips to lower the risk of exterior vinyl siding or windows.

Use a high-quality bonding or alkyd-based primer.

Opt for high-quality paint. Both Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore offer vinyl-safe options that would be ideal for these types of projects. While these products say you don’t need a primer, it’s always recommended to use one anyway.

Don’t use a darker colour due to potential warping.

As vinyl can expand over its lifespan, you should opt for latex or acrylic paint because of its durability. These types of paint may not crack and peel like other paint types.

Since vinyl is quite delicate, you will want to prep the surface as best as you can.

How to Paint your Exterior Vinyl Windows or Siding

Here are the four simple steps for painting your vinyl windows or siding. 

1.)  Do a thorough clean of the surface. To have the best results, you need to ensure the area is as clean as possible.

2.) For the primer to do the best possible job, you’ll want to lightly sand it once it’s cleaned. Using medium-grit sandpaper or sponge, sand the vinyl while being mindful of your windows.

3.) Once your vinyl is sanded, it’s time to prime. Using a brush, roller, or spray (depending on your surface and what is easiest), you can apply a coat of high-quality primer. Be sure to tape off any areas that you don’t want to be primed. Let the primer dry completely before painting.

4.) Once your primer is completely dried, you are ready to paint. You’ll want to use a small brush to do a precise job for windows. If you are using spray paint, be mindful of drips.

Exterior Vinyl Windows and Vinyl Siding Painting

Suppose you don’t have much experience with painting exterior vinyl. It can be quite tricky, and we recommend hiring a team of professionals to take the job off your plate. Professional house painters in Toronto use the best quality primer and paint and are familiar with how difficult painting vinyl can be.

Considerations before Painting Vinyl

It is important to consider all the risks of painting vinyl before starting the job. The exterior of your home is your first defence against the elements, so keeping the structural integrity intact is crucial. Suppose you try to take on the job of painting your vinyl yourself. In that case, you may end up damaging your home’s exterior, which could result in a very costly repair.

Suppose you know your vinyl siding or windows have a warranty and decide to paint it anyways. In that case, any future insurance claim may be void. Typically, the manufacturer’s warranty will include that painting the vinyl will void the warranty.

If you are looking for a way to refresh your home and consider painting your vinyl, you should call Home Painters Toronto. Our team of professionals can provide their expert opinions on what would improve the look of your home and boost your curb appeal.

In case you’re thinking of doing some home exterior painting but don’t want to do the work yourself, let our exterior painters help! Even if you are undecided, professional house painters can help you with any problems or questions.

If the work involved sounds like it may take too much time and energy to do yourself, call us at 416.494.9095 or email brian@HomePaintersToronto.com to get your FREE estimate!


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