Top Colours For Exterior Aluminum Siding Paint

Top colours for exterior aluminum siding Paint

There are so many reasons why having aluminum siding is a huge plus for the exterior of your home. Not only is it waterproof and corrosion proof, but you can also paint aluminum siding any colour you want! Vinyl siding is a little different as you can definitely paint it all colours, but it sometimes warps with very dark colours . But with aluminum, the colour choices are endless because the aluminum siding paint will really hold up over time.

In the past, people used their aluminum siding paint more to blend in with the house and its exterior features. They would often simply match up the colours with what would go best with the brick, windows, trims and doors. But now in 2020, aluminum siding paint is used more as a feature to help your home stand out. The colours are more pronounced and powerful and people aren’t afraid to be bold! Which is actually really exciting.

The big question — is it okay to paint aluminum SIDING?

top colours for exterior aluminum siding paint

This is one question that seems to come up time and time again with prospective clients. They seem to wonder if it’s actually even considered a good idea to paint aluminum siding. The answer is yes, you can 100% paint aluminum siding and it lasts too. The durability for aluminum siding paint is anywhere from a minimum of seven years upwards of 15 years! Yes, 15 years! Aluminum doesn’t absorb moisture in the same way that wood does, so it holds up well over time. Really, it has the potential to last the whole duration of the time you’re living in your home.

As far as aluminum window trims, as long as it’s prepped well and a clean surface, they should be fine to paint as well. If there is something funky going on with your trims — like normal wear and tear, be sure to use a shellac-based primer, like Sherwin Williams’ The Extreme Bond.

For eaves troughs, you can absolutely paint them, but an expert recommendation is to consider the cost of simply replacing your eaves. Often, the cost of replacing them is right alongside the cost of painting them, so it may be more cost-efficient to just replace them in the end.

For soffits though, it is highly recommended that you do not paint those. With the moisture and air that is constantly passing through the soffits, it is just really hard on the paint. If you feel really strongly about painting your aluminum soffits though, definitely use The Extreme Bond primer, as previously mentioned.

things to consider for aluminum siding paint

Even if you’re looking to go bolder and truly play up the style of your house, there are a few things to consider prior to painting your aluminum siding. Consider the look of your neighbourhood overall. Get a sense for some of the colour schemes already being used and what appeals to you. You’ll also want to consider the architecture and exterior layout of your house as well.

Also, what’s the size of your home? Because oftentimes, small swatches can be misleading when you actually get the paint on a large exterior space. There will be all sorts of visual cues that the exterior of your house will intuitively give off. Listen to your gut here, play up the features and don’t be afraid to go for it with aluminum siding paint colour!

top colours for exterior aluminum siding paint

top colours for exterior aluminum siding paint

As far as the type of paint you want to use for your aluminum siding paint, you’re going to want to use Benjamin Moore’s Regal Select Exterior in a flat or low luster. For Sherwin Williams, you’ll want to get their Low Sheen paint. Also, it’s always a two coat minimum for exterior painting. Most of the time though, if you’re going from dark to light or even light to dark with your shades, you’ll find that three to four coats are best.

Image from Benjamin Moore

For the top picks of 2020 for exterior aluminum paint colours, you really can’t go wrong with nice charcoal. Kendall Charcoal HC-166 is a beautiful choice that would look amazing against white trims, windows and doors.

Image from Benjamin Moore

Charcoals actually really complement exterior reddish coloured bricks, so that’s something to consider as well. If you want more of a medium gray, consider Tucker Gray CW-705 as mid-grays tend to look nice with just about any brick colour.

Image from Benjamin Moore

Nice neutrals are very popular this season. A nice light gray that works really well with a sandstone (or even a pink brick) is Rever Pewter HC-172

Image from Benjamin Moore

Beiges aren’t really on-trend this season but think about a nice off-white like White Heron OC-57.

Image from Benjamin Moore

Whites or off-whites can really work to completely overhaul the exterior of your house and just brighten things up from the outside in. A nice cool black to consider is Black Satin 2131-10.

Image from Benjamin Moore

Image from Benjamin Moore

If you’re genuinely looking to have that pop of colour that’s still on-trend, why not try Nimbus Gray 2131-50It’s a beautiful cool mid-tone blue-gray that completely draws the eye in. Or Lafayette Green HC-135 works well as a nice forest green that feels traditional but is still very contemporary. It also looks great with red or brown bricks as well.

Something else to keep in mind if you’re not crazy about the colour of your bricks, we can paint or stain those as well! Home Painters Toronto offers a 15 year warranty on exterior brick painting.

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