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How to Choose Paint Colours for Your Home

paint colours for home

Choosing paint colours is one of the most exciting aspects of interior/exterior design. That is to say, the colour chosen represents the homeowner’s personality and openness towards their fellow neighbours and strangers who walk by. In 2021, the trends of paint colours are always shifting, therefore, it is paramount for the homeowner to establish what works best for themselves when choosing paint colours.

Choosing paint colours

  • • First, one of the main reasons for doing interior painting in your home is usually for colour. Maybe you’re sick of looking at the same colour. Or perhaps you want something fresh and new! In other words, colours stimulates our emotions and creates moods in our homes that are a crucial element in any interior home decorating project.
  • • When it’s time to paint your house, understanding that choosing the right paint colours is important for creating the desired atmosphere. So, if you need help with picking interior painting colours, keep reading!
  • • However, if you are unsure of what colour to pick, let a professional help you decide, they will know best!
How to Choose Paint Colours for Your Home

Traditional Homes

  • • Have matching colours for your doors, garages and shutters
  • • For example, black and white are always a safe bet when designing a traditional home

Modern Homes

  • • Make the front door the focal point of the exterior
  • • Garage, windows and trim should complement one another

Here’s a quick guide for choosing paint colours:

  • Purple paint is always a unique choice. From violet to lilac, purple comes in multiple hues, which offer myriad interior decoration possibilities. Sumptuous decor in the lounge or a zen bathroom. Remember, purple is the paint color of royalty and opulence!
  • Grey-blue, sky blue, aqua blue, royal blue, navy blue. There are so many shades of blue that are suitable for interior painting colours. Which blue should you choose for your home? Highlighting your blue with white accents is always a good choice. Surprisingly, green works quite well with blue too. Who knew?
  • Pink, red or orange. These are far from the typical paint colours people tend to use. What a pity though! Those who dare to never look back. They allow tremendous gradation for a terracotta styling. Ensure you stay away from neon though unless you’re feeling really bold!
  • Green has so many shades and hues allowing a huge range of emotion in terms of interior painting. This is color of nature and emerald hues. And contrary to popular belief, green may also complement blue. From green to mint green water through the turquoise-green or olive green. To sum up, transform any environment with these natural paint colours!
  • Yellow. The colour of the sun and flowers. It is warm and bright and everything nice! Depending on the mood in which you want to recreate, yellow can be rustic or modern. Overall, it should warm you and nourish you from the outside in.
How to Choose Paint Colours for Your Home
How to Choose Paint Colours for Your Home

Which Colours to Avoid:

How to Choose Paint Colours for Your Home
  • • Avoid any colour with a pink hue. Sunlight will not be its friend
  • • Do not pick pastel colors. For example, light green, light orange or light blue. These colours will look run down even after time.
  • • Avoid all colours that do not represent a traditional or modern aesthetic.

To Sum up Choosing Paint Colours for Your Home:

  • • However, the most common trends used today for 2021 in terms of paint colours are neutrals, such as shades of white or light beige.  You can really do so much in a space with a nice clean paint colour palette. These colours make a room looks large, bright, and open.
  • • Also, light pinks and light blues as well as light grey – think anything light and creamy, are quite popular paint colours for 2020 as well.
  • • Additionally, don’t forget to visit our Pinterest page for a ton of inspiration!
  • • For example, shades of red, orange, and yellow are considered to be warm internal colours and are welcoming.
  • • On the other hand, shades of blue, green or gray are considered cool colours and are more calming.
How to Choose Paint Colours for Your Home

3 important tips on how to choose paint colours:

Don’t Forget to Bring in your Own Personality!

To conclude, It’s great to receive some help from a professional painting company. Also, it’s very important to think about different interior painting colours and what they bring to a space. However, you also want to stop and think about how you want to feel in it. So, if you’re looking for a room that’s peaceful and zen, maybe bright interior painting on the walls isn’t the way to go. On the other hand, if you want something super cozy and atmospheric, consider something a bit darker. Remember, you are the engineer of what your home feels like. So, embrace those choices and really make it your own!

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