Four different season in canada that affect on paint like winter, spring, summer, and monsoon

Weather Affects Paint – Before you set a date for your renovation, here are some critical weather facts to remember before you start painting your home:

Painting your house cost thousands of dollars, don’t forget the effects of weather on paint.

Effects of weather can damage your paint. So, if you want your investment to last as long as possible, choosing the right weather to paint your house will go a long way to protecting your home and your money.

How Does Weather Affect Painting Quality?

Sunlight and U.V Radiation Affects Paint Job

A beautiful sunny day might be great for spending the day outside, but it can cause premature paint failure. Direct sunlight, especially when it’s extremely hot, deteriorates the binding agents and pigments of paint. This causes chalking, fading and erosion. Low quality paints are more susceptible to sunlight as well.

Water and Moisture

It’s a no brainier that you don’t want to paint when it’s raining. But even after the rain is gone, you need to make sure that the surfaces hit by rain are given enough time to properly dry out before applying paint. Failure to do so can result in cracking, blistering and flaking, especially on permeable surfaces like wood.

High and Low Humidity and Huge Effects on Paint

When it’s sticky and humid outside like a typical Toronto summer day, it will takes your paint a lot longer to dry. When the humidity levels are high, the moisture in the paint takes much longer to escape. This results in poor adhesion and a shorter lifespan.

In low humidity the dry airs pulls the moisture out of the paint too quickly. This rapid drying doesn’t allow the paint to stick properly and again results in poor durability.

Hi and Low Humidity and huge effects on paint

Too Cold

When it’s cold outside, paints get thicker and are harder to apply. Drying also takes much longer making it difficult for the paint to bond to surfaces. This affects paint jobs and results in cracking and chalking.

Too Hot

Hot weather causes paint to dry much too fast. This not only affects the overall lifespan, but also makes applying the paint more difficult. Paint that dries too fast is hard to spread and clogs up brushes and rollers.

So before you plan your next paint project, keep the weather in mind, remember how weather affects paint and follow these guidelines to ensure you get the most value and longest life out of your paint.

    1. Does your laundry take a long time to dry outside? If so, so will your paint.
    2. Don’t paint in super hot weather or direct sunlight. Paint on the shaded sides first or start ahead of the sun and adjust your painting as the sun moves above.
    3. Does water spit on concrete take a long time to dry? If yes, leave your painting for another day.A light breeze is ideal to properly dry paint. If it’s too windy you can concentrate on sheltered sides of your home until conditions improve.
    4. Overcast and cloudy days are the best for painting.
    5. Overall the ideal conditions are: 15-20°C, 70-80% humidity and a gentle breeze.

While these are the ideal conditions for house painting, it doesn’t mean you can’t paint when the conditions are less than ideal. But you need to know how.

• Paint thinners can be added to adjust for weather and paints designed specifically to counter changing weather conditions can be used when a job needs to get done. It can decrease the effects of weather on paint job. This, however, requires a lot of knowledge and experience and likely a job best left to the professionals.

• Whether (no pun intended) the conditions are ideal for house painting or not, a reputable and experienced painter in Toronto and the GTA knows how to manage weather conditions and ensure that you get the longest and most durable lifespan from your paint. Remember a poor paint job will last but a few years, while a professionally painted home will look great for a decade or more with less effects of weather on paint.

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