Painting Aluminum Siding Can Save You Thousands

Aluminum siding on your house is great. It is waterproof, doesn’t rot and is corrosion-resistant. It can literally last forever. However, the same cannot be said about the paint that makes it look good.


Weather and time will beat up the paint on your aluminum siding making it fade, chalk and wear right down to the aluminum. Your once new looking home is now a faded eyesore of its former self bringing down with it your curb appeal and property value.

Since no amount of scrubbing and cleaning can bring the colour back to life, some contractors in Toronto will simply recommend replacing it all with new siding. Guess what that costs?

Damage must be repaired. Dents and warped pieces need to be replaced without damaging the surrounding area. Any sagging and separation, especially where the roof meets the wall, should also be inspected.
All surfaces must be cleaned or power washed. Depending on how dirty your aluminum siding is, you don’t want any dirt, grease, mold, mildew or bird droppings before you paint. It will compromise the life of your paint. A strong power washer is needed and the spray needs to shoot down the way the rain hits the house to avoid damage.
Fill in the holes. Aluminum flexes with temperature so you need a quality paintable caulking. If there are cracks or aluminum siding joints, an exterior caulking can be used to avoid leaking inside your aluminum siding.
But first you must prime. Here you’ll want an exterior primer made for exterior aluminum siding. There are good 2 and 1 paint and primers which also work well for painting aluminum siding. But try to find the best paint for aluminum siding painting.
Then comes the paint. You only want to use 100% acrylic exterior paint. You many need one to two coats depending on the colour and condition. There are several ways to apply the paint over your exterior aluminum sidings. Rollers and brushes are the most common ways. Of course, you don’t need to be an expert to realize that this will take a LONG time. Spraying is another way to apply the paint. However, using spray paint for aluminum needs some prerequisites. One of them for using a sprayer on the exterior are good non windy weather conditions, and being far away enough from neighbours or other items that can be hit with paint.
Stop if it’s too hot. Never paint in direct sunlight as hot aluminum will gum up the paint. This is why speed, efficiency and planning are critical to achieve that perfect finish.

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Can I paint over aluminum siding?

The answer is YES! Instead of spending thousands of dollars, you can repaint your existing siding for a fraction of the cost and bring back that new home look and feel.

Painting aluminum siding, however, is much more complex than painting a room in your home. Here’s why it’s critical to hire a professional painter if you’re not prepared and educated to do it yourself.

charcoal aluminum siding paint home in Toronto, Ontario painted by toronto home painters service

Properly prepared before painting aluminum siding will take care of you for the next 15 to 25 years, so it’s important to do it right the first time.

We’ve heard many horror stories of homeowners who attempted this job themselves and went in unprepared only to spend more than double the time and cost to get it done right.

When you hire Home Painters Toronto, our over 25 years of experience goes to work for you.

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Sample Aluminum Siding Painting Before After Photos

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