Behr Paint For Aluminum Siding

Question: Can aluminum siding be painted successfully?  Yes

Painting aluminum siding is a big job and the Behr line of products is a great choice.  When doing interior painting, you can plan and work on one room at a time.  But doing your home exterior is usually something you want to finish in one go.

If you have a couple of people to help, it can take a few days.  In deciding to paint aluminum siding, the preparation is just as important as the actual painting process.

Behr Paint For Aluminum Siding by home painters toronto

Aluminum siding vs. Vinyl siding

1. Aluminum was a widely used siding material up until the mid-nineteen hundreds with the introduction of vinyl.  But aluminum was being used on structures as early as the late eighteen hundreds.

2. Though vinyl was introduced in the mid-nineteen hundreds, the popularity didn’t grow until the seventies, when vinyl panels became well made.

3. Today the personal preference for aluminum siding could be for many reasons.  The thicker panels provide great protection for your home and are lightweight.

4. Aluminum siding is low maintenance when it comes to repairing and washing, it can be painted in a large variety of colours and upholds in extreme weather conditions.

Behr Ultra Paint for painting vinyl windows and trims
Behr Premium Plus to paint vinyl windows and trims

Behr Paint For Aluminum Siding

• With every new painting project, this big comes a long list of to-dos.  Scheduling is important; if you are working with friends and family or hiring a contractor, tracking the weather is necessary for optimal circumstances, cleaning and prepping will ensure the best adhesion possible.

• At some point, you may even wonder “Is it cheaper to paint or replace aluminum siding?”  In most cases, painting is much more affordable.  When choosing a brand and colour of paint, having so many options can make it difficult to settle on something.

• For home and business owners alike, Behr paint for aluminum siding is durable and an affordable brand that has multiple price points for exterior painting.

When addressing the colour of the shade you choose – whether it is lighter or darker than your current panel colour – will help you decide on preparation steps.  It is also important to be as thorough as possible so you can go another five years, or even ten, before you paint again!  Once you are all set up, you can jump in with both feet.

Behr premium plus paint to paint vinyl windows and trims

Top questions and answers related to Aluminum siding

1.  Though some of you might be worried by the question, “Can I paint old aluminum siding?” And the answer is “of course”. The first stage of the painting process is to make sure any repairs needed on the aluminum siding are taken care of.

2. Wherever it may be heavily scratched, dented, or even have small or big holes, you will need to sand and patch those areas or cut a part away and replace it.  So “Can you power wash aluminum siding?”

Yes, once repairs are complete, scraping old paint and power washing will get rid of any cobwebs, mildew, grime, and grease.

• If you don’t want to power wash you can always use an all-purpose cleaner, bleach, or soap and water.  When the siding has dried completely, which can take three to four days depending on the weather, then you can begin taping and covering.

• Using plastic sheets and painter’s tape, you can section off any windows, window trims, doors, and frames that you don’t want to paint with the aluminum siding paint colour.  Then you can begin the etching and/or priming process.  For exterior painting projects, it is best to use a separate primer, as opposed to painting with built-in primer as it is better for adhesion.

• Because sanding your whole house would take a very long time, using a self-etching primer is often the most time-efficient decision.  Behr has four excellent primers and sealers to choose from. Apply two coats of Behr primer before moving onto a painting.

• Depending on your choice of primer, the dry time in between can take anywhere from one to four hours.

For aluminum siding using acrylic latex paint is recommended.  And matte tends to be recommended as opposed to a glossy finish.  With the Behr Marquee exterior paint collection, you will have a wide variety of colours to choose from.   So, some of you may be wondering, “Can I paint aluminum siding a darker colour?”

While it is common to use a similar colour to the one already on your panels or lighter, you can use darker shades on aluminum siding as well.  It is a little easier to roll paint onto aluminum siding because the paint doesn’t soak into the material.  Using a paint sprayer and brushes is also great for application.

Dry times may vary depending on the weather and type of paint you are using, so follow the instructions on the can labels.  If all the steps to this process are done thoroughly and carefully, your curbside appeal will be through the roof!  AND your aluminum siding paint can look great for many years to come.

Behr Marquee Flat paint used to paint vinyl windows and trims
Behr Exterior satin enamel to paint vinyl windows and trim
Behr premium plus paint to paint vinyl windows and trims

Whether you prefer DIY projects or want to hire someone, painting the exterior of your home or business is a big decision.  The planning, preparation and execution can be overwhelming.  Whatever your questions or concerns may be, Home Painters Toronto is always ready to help.

And Behr paints are an excellent choice for every budget.

If you want to beautify your siding, sell your home or are just looking for a change, don’t hesitate to reach out.  We are here to make your dreams come true!

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